Monday, March 08, 2021

Harts On a Sunny Day

Started off the day with breakfast and Body Language. I originally saw today's episode, with supreme hams Lucille Ball and Charles Nelson Reilly miming words for the contestants, on Buzzr's "Buzzr Loves Lucy" marathon last August. Charles won this one when his contestant answered the tie breaker puzzle correctly. They didn't have nearly as much luck with the bonus round, only getting three of the amount to go for words and one of the words in the final round.

Worked on a little bit of writing after breakfast. Richard wishes he could dispense justice, like they did in the wild west. He protested the Vietnam War and for civil rights to be able to do something. Charles doesn't like it when Rich reminds him that he and Fannie can't kiss same-sex contestants on the air and many people look askance at Richard because he's an immigrant and his and Brett's single parent status. 

Broke in time to pack up for lunch and head out. It took me a few minutes to get a car, but I did get one...and this time, I gave them directions to get straight to the Acme, instead of winding all the way through Audubon. I have no clue why Google keeps directing the drivers to the Black Horse Pike entrance. There's far quicker ways to get there. The driver was annoyed, too. Thankfully, this time she pulled up at the door just in time. 

Spent the almost the entire afternoon pushing carts. Had to alternate it with sweeping during the first half of my shift. The head bagger ran the self-checkout registers today, and I had no other help until one of the college boys arrived at 4. After he came in, I focused on the carts and rounding up outside trash and recycling.

At least the weather was appropriate for pushing carts. While not crazy-warm, it was much nicer than it has been, with sunshine and a deep-blue sky. No wind, either. No wonder we were on-and-off busy all day. 

It took my driver home a little while to arrive...but when she did, there were no problems. She was pleasant and sweet, even if her car was a little odd, with "hip" sayings written on it. At least, I got home quickly. 

Took out the recycling as soon as I got in, then changed and put on Match Game '76 while enjoying the beef stew Jodie put in my refrigerator for dinner. Richard rarely engenders the hostility of the audience, but they really booed his answer to what Count Dracula has to remember to do to his fangs! Meanwhile, a sweet and pretty Korean woman keeps winning, inspiring a few bad (and non-PC) Asian jokes from Gene.

Made Chocolate Chip-Orange Muffins during Match Game PM. The male contestant's Grizzly Adams-like hair and beard inspired many "get a haircut" jokes and some flirting from Brett, who thought he looked fine the way he was. Meanwhile, Richard tried to help him win 10,000 by answering "Jack the __." 

Slid the muffins in the oven by the time Sale of the Century started. This was another close one. The other lady pushed the champ, who bought an Instant Bargain lounger chair and barely won the Speed Round by one question. She did even better with the Bonus Round tonight, getting it with plenty of time to spare.

Finished the night on The Roku Channel after a shower with a fourth season episode of Hart to Hart. A friend of Johnathan's who owns a bankrupt ghost town and former gold mine wants to sell it to him. It's now a tourist attraction and working western town, including a stagecoach, cowboys, and shootouts. When one of those "shoot outs" turns real and their friend is blamed for the crime, the Harts try to figure out who in the town wants him out of the way and what's really going on in the supposedly abandoned mines. 

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