Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Long Walk Home

Had just enough time for breakfast and two episodes of Bluey before work. Bluey's family is on a "Road Trip" to a campground, but Mum seems to have forgotten the girls' tablets. She reminds them that you don't need computers to have fun and shows them how enjoyable life can be if you slow down and take a look. Meanwhile, their father is trying to avoid ending up behind "The Gray Nomads," a slow caravan of elderly people on vacation. 

She and her friends create their own pretend "Circus" while their parents take part in Election Day. When a big St. Bernard boy picks on the others and tries to force the younger kids to play his way, Bluey finds a way to bring him into the game, too.

Not too many problems getting to work this time. It took me a few minutes, but I did get a ride. After directing him through the shortest route possible through Oaklyn and down the Black Horse Pike, I got into work with no time to spare. It was cloudy and blahh and still chilly, though not nearly as chilly or windy as yesterday. 

Work was quiet when I came in, but by noon, it picked up considerably. That was a problem. We were short on help again, including baggers. The afternoon bagger called out. I ended up doing her sweeping and gathering the carts. I never did get to rounding up the outside trash. 

Picked up a few more things on the way out. My mother's birthday is Saturday. I picked up a Barnes & Noble gift card for her. Found a few interesting things on the clearance shelves, including cinnamon and marshmallow-flavored popcorn, a box of Celestial Seasonings (black) cinnamon tea, and a 12-pack box of watermelon sparkling water. 

It was showering lightly when I got out. I tried and tried to find a ride home on Uber. I tried for almost a half-hour. Either nothing showed up as available, or when they did appear to be available, I couldn't get through to them. I got so fed up with it, I just walked home, sparkling water box and all. I was very fed up when I got home, and my arms were (and are) very sore from carrying that full box.

Put on the 1978 Card Sharks as I had a snack and put everything away when I got home. A very funny little old lady in adorable cat's eye glasses started the show by winning a tiebreaker, and then picking up over 4,000 on the Money Cards. Everything seemed to go her way, as she said...until she was defeated by a sweet young man in a beard who said he'd just become a father for the first time.

Worked on as much writing as I could muster after the show ended and I changed into regular clothes. Richard overhears Ira and Gene arguing over the Wild Rider Gang and the railroad, with Gene pointing out that the gang targets people whom the railroad's owner, Senator Goodson, wants to buy land from. Ira claims he doesn't know anything about it, or Sheriff Landon's untimely death after he was looking into the thefts.

Broke for the last of Jodie's beef stew for dinner at 6:30. Watched Match Game '76 while I ate. The older lady is finally defeated by a sweet but nervous younger woman who is calmed down by a gentle Richard. Meanwhile, Gene introduces Didi Conn (now best known as Frenchy from Grease) to the panel, and Brett's keeping track of Dick Martin's bad answers.

Started Irish Soda Bread for tomorrow as Match Game PM began. Debralee Scott and Jonelle Allen start singing "Battle of Jerico" during a question about Joshua and the wall, prompting jokes about selling albums on TV from Charles and Bill Anderson. Another question about Tonto opening a restaurant inspires some racy racial comments from Jonelle and Gene, and another brings out a rant on the state of the New York subway system from Brett. 

Sale of the Century got very close again tonight. The younger guy kept getting Instant Bargain offers and turning them down to keep up with the champ. It was to no avail. He did badly in the Speed Round, and the champ jumped way ahead of him. He didn't do nearly as well at the Bonus Round this time, though. 

Finished the night on TCM after a shower with My Wild Irish Rose. I go further into this biography of Irish-American actor and songwriter Chauncy Olcott as an early preparation for St. Patrick's Day at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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