Thursday, March 11, 2021

I've Confessed to the Breeze

Began an early morning with breakfast and The Cat In the Hat Knows a Lot About That on The Roku Channel. Nick and Sally want to learn to paint a rainbow for Sally's mom, but they can't remember the order of the colors. The Cat takes them to visit King Kalidescope, who is "Chasing Rainbows," to learn about rainbows, the order of their colors, and how they're created. They join Cluey Louie to "Follow the Prints" and figure out who stole their last strawberry.

Called for a ride to work shortly after the episodes ended. While I did have to wait slightly longer for rides this time, it still wasn't as bad as it has been. This time, I told the driver going to the Acme he could go straight through Oaklyn and down the White Horse Pike to save time and money. The majority of Uber drivers in this area are from Camden or Philadelphia and know nothing about anywhere beyond those areas. They don't know where everything around here is. 

Work was stone-cold dead through lunch, and even after that, it wasn't incredibly busy. It didn't really start to pick up until right as I was leaving. I had some trouble when I accidentally punched for lunch instead of sweeping. I was upset and embarrassed, but the manager said they'd fix it. Had to have the manager punch my sweep in.

At least it was a beautiful day for pushing carts. While cloudy this morning, by the afternoon, it was sunny and breezy. Still warm, too, probably in the upper 60's-lower 70's. I didn't even need my coat by the time I got off. 

Picked up a few things on the way out. Found a box of green tea on the clearance racks. The Acme's having a good sale on Jiff Peanut Butter. They were out of the low-salt natural variety last week, but they had the crunchy in today. Wanted to make hummus for dinner tonight, so I bought blue corn chips, too.

I was so tired and stressed, I lay down for a rest as soon as I got in. Jamie Farr and Gary Burghoff continue on Super Password. Farr got his contestant to the Super Password bonus round and the Ca$hword, with little success on the latter. Married dancers Bobby Van and Elaine Joyce and performers Greg Mullavey and Meredith MacRae were the big winners on Tattletales today, over old-time comedian Shecky Greene and his exotic wife Lelani.

Settled down with cake decorating books as Press Your Luck came on. This was another game with a ton of Whammies all over the place. The winner just barely came out over the champ with 4,000 in cash.

Worked on writing for a little while after the show ended. Richard is joined by chatty reporter Robert Walden, who just arrived from the East. His former boss Ed Asner offered him a job on his paper, and he's hoping to take him up on that. He says things have been shaky in Televisa City ever since the railroad went through, with a lot of bandits robbing cattle and land speculators picking up ranches dirt-cheap.

Jodie brought me dinner around quarter of 5. I enjoyed baked chicken, peas and corn, and noodles in Knorr bagged Alfredo sauce while I worked.

Broke for a snack at 6:30. Made the hummus anyway; had it with the corn chips while Match Game '76 was on. This one got pretty wild, with Gene reading an Old Man Perriwinkle question, then falling on Elaine Joyce when Fannie Flagg pushes on him. Towards the end of the episode, he yells at one of the cameramen for being late with his cue. Bob Barker's previous stint on the 1950's and 60's Truth or Consequence comes in for some ribbing in a question on Match Game PM. He's especially happy when Eva Gabor insists he was a "sex symbol" on that show.

Sale of the Century started out well, with the champ buying a nice stereo after claiming he's a jazz aficionado. It was another close game, right down to the wire. The other man pulled ahead and just barely won the Speed Round. Didn't have nearly as much luck with the Bonus Round. 

Finished the night with Tea for Two. I go further into this fluffy Roaring 20s-set vehicle for Doris Day at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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