Monday, March 22, 2021

On a Sunny Afternoon

Slept in this morning, more than I planned. My cell phone ringing finally got me going. That turned out to be a telemarketer, so I read Wings of the Falcon and wrote in my journal instead.  

Ate breakfast while watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "A Trip to the Enchanted Garden" is one of the earlier episodes. Mrs. Tiger needs fresh strawberries to make Strawberry Pancakes, so she takes her boys to the Garden to pick some. Daniel wonders why some seem bare, but his parents encourage him to take a closer look and find the little strawberries growing there. Daniel's excited to make "A Trip to the Crayon Factory" and see how crayons are made. He convinces his father to take photos of the experience for O the Owl, who is sick at home and can't go.

Headed out to work shortly after that. Got there right on time. No problems at work today whatsoever. Did the carts and swept until 4, after which the evening bagger came in and took over the sweeping. The morning bagger was new and didn't know where to put the carts; I moved them to the right places. Gathered trash and recycling late in the afternoon. 

The weather today was too gorgeous for anyone to want to go grocery shopping! It was sunny, breezy, and much warmer than last week, likely into the 60's. I barely needed my much lighter uniform jacket. It's likely most people will wait for next week, with the beginning of the month and Easter, to do their major shopping.

Went straight home and into Match Game PM (I ate dinner at work). Got to see the tail end of the 1980 episode featuring opera singer Diana Soverio, the only opera singer to appear on the show. Caught some very interesting answers to the Audience Match "Topless __" and Brett's comment about Betty's answer to "Tumble __." 

The "End of Summer Bash" continues on Sale of the Century. This time, we had a sweet young lady with an interest in philosophy, a boy who won an award for his science project, and a math-inclined cheerleader who wanted to prove she was more than a pretty face. She got her wish when she came from behind to win the Speed Round after being behind for most of the game. Did very well at the Bonus Round, too.

Finished the night on Kanopy with the original 1920 Mark of Zorro. Douglas Fairbanks Sr. loved The Curse of Capistrano and insisted on turning it into a movie. It was his first costume swashbuckler...and was such a hit, he'd make nothing else for a decade. This is a lot more fun and stripped down than many of the bigger, more bloated epics he'd make later in the 20's. Most of the movie up until the finale is remarkably true to the original book, especially the wonderful opening sequence with Zorro walking in and taking on an entire bar of bad guys with nothing but his sword and pistol. The restored copy I watched was even tinted, with Sepia during the day and blue at night. 

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