Thursday, March 18, 2021

Rainy Daze

I awoke to pouring rain and gritty gray skies, both of which continued in some capacity for the rest of the day. Good thing I planned on being inside all day anyway. My phone went off shortly after I awoke. Craig texted me, claiming he wanted to pick up my bike but couldn't find the information in Rose's room, and she was at work. I texted and called him, telling him I needed his e-mail to send it to him. Turns out he did manage to get the info from Rose, but changed his mind and opted to get the bike tomorrow. 

Put on Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures as I had breakfast. "Petey O'Pete" just launched Clarabelle's flying blender into the sky. Hoping to win money for another, he joins the St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Race. Clarabelle, however, has joined too, and she's just as determined as Pete to win the Pot 'O Gold. Daisy and Minnie offer to help set up the county fair, but "Daisy Does It!" without listening to Cuckoo Loca's directions and makes a hasty mess. She has to figure out how to fix things, before the fair opens.

Switched to the public domain shorts channel on Roku as I took down the St. Patrick's Day decorations. The Fleischer Brothers cartoon "Bunny Mooning" has a pair of rabbits getting married, with every animal in the forest preparing for their wedding. "Butterscotch and Soda" was Little Audrey's first solo short. Famous Studio's most popular young lady would rather be eating candy than her dinner. She's punished by a stereotypical maid and told to stay in her room, where she has a nasty nightmare about eating too much candy and being chased by the licorice. 

Moved to Match Game '78 after the cartoons ended. We started off with comedienne Nancy Lane in the ingĂ©nue seat, goofy greaser Jon "Bowser" Bauman next to Brett, and Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Don Sutton between Lane and Betty White. We get a lot of jokes about the Dodgers losing the 1977 World Series to the Yankees and the answers to the Audience Match "__ Pistol." 

The last episode of that week apparently has audio problems and is usually skipped, so the next show gave us a new panel. As handsome as Guich Kooch of the Grand Ol' Opry was, he didn't seem to get the game. Mabel King of What's Happening! just wasn't having much fun. Ken Olfson between her and Marcia Wallace was the only one of the three "new kids" who played decently and enjoyed himself. The set wasn't happy, either - the turntable broke down entirely at the end. 

Took down the St. Patrick's Day decorations and put up what I have for Easter while the shows were on. Got everything up but the cardboard banner. Taped the cardboard chick and bunny hangings on the windows and the door to the main house. The tinsel garlands went over the kitchen/living room window overlooking the hill and creek and the wide window looking out on the street in my bedroom. Most of the stuffed bunnies and Peeps sit either on the dresser in the kitchen or the book shelves in the hall. Patchy the resin bunny statue and the American Girl Easter accessories went on the wide window ledge in my bedroom. The pink felt bunny bell knocker went on the front door.

Went online after I finished. I thought Mrs. Stahl scheduled me to meet her on Zoom at 2, so I signed up for Zoom. Shortly after I signed up, I checked the invitation she e-mailed me...and realized it said February 24th. Called her and admitted I hadn't heard from her. We finally rescheduled another Zoom meeting for May. Meanwhile, I e-mailed her my apologizes and told her about everything that went on with me last year.

Jodie knocked on the door to the main house shortly after I finished online. Do I eat clams? She was making clams and pasta for dinner. Sure, why not? I love seafood of all types.

Put on Super Password as I made a strawberry-banana smoothie for lunch. It's a battle of the mid-80's game show hosts as Pat Sajack of Wheel of Fortune and Nipsey Russell, then hosting the short-lived Your Number's Up, lead their contestants through word puzzles. Nipsey's fondness for poetry gave him the edge, as he easily lead his contestant to victory in the main round and got through the Super Password bonus round with a few seconds to spare. 

Made Chocolate Chip-Raisin Cookies while Tattletales was on. Dick Gautier and Max Adrian managed to find room on-stage for their massive egos and their wives Barbara Stuart and Vonetta McKee. Dick even stuck out his legs at one point to illustrate the question asking if the men would model their bodies, heads, or upper half. Glenn Ford and his then-fiancĂ© Cynthia Lewis were slightly more modest, but the other two couples won. 

Whammies flew thick as prize thieves in Press Your Luck, especially during the second half. Spins weren't nearly as abundant, and neither were prizes. In the end, the champ won almost 5,000 in cash, and her combined total was enough to retire her into the hall of fame.

Worked on writing for a while next, but I couldn't concentrate. Richard Dawson overhears Marshal Gene Rayburn telling railroad manager Ira Skutch that he needs a sheriff. His previous partner Sheriff Landon was killed when he got too close to figuring out what local gang the Wild Riders are after. Skutch just wants the gang brought to justice. 

Jodie brought a steaming bowl of pasta in around 5. The pasta was tossed with herbs, clam juice, small chunks of tomatoes, and tiny bits of clam. I augmented the meal with a spinach salad after I broke for Match Game '76. After the previous episode was taken up with nothing but tiebreaker rounds, Dick Martin finally got an answer right...but Didi Conn didn't, and we had a new champion. She didn't last long. The next man after her got to hear some interesting answers to "Let's __." 

Gene gets pinned in Match Game PM by Ted Lange, who gives him his Russian pin from The Love Boat to liven up his stark black and white suit. He's less appreciative of whom several panelists say Jackie the comic got his bad jokes from!

The high schoolers were very close throughout the first half of Sale of the Century. One boy didn't start pulling ahead until near the end, even after buying both Instant Bargains. He choked up on the Speed Round, allowing the other boy to pull ahead and win. (He also won the Instant Cash.) Unlike the boy yesterday, he did pick up the Bonus Round money.

Finished the night online after a shower with Everything I Have Is Yours at the Watch TCM on demand site. I go further into the only vehicle for married dancers Marge and Gower Champion at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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