Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Day By Day

Began my day with breakfast and Body Language. Mindy Cohn and Jamie Farr were the celebrities acting out words for contestants in order to solve puzzles. Jamie's usually good at this, but Mindy correctly guessed a hard puzzle in the last regular round. She did manage to get 700 for her contestant, but they couldn't figure out the words for the big money.

The contestants did better on Blockbusters. The older lady who was a former member of the All-American Girl's Baseball League had trouble with a brother and brother-in-law, but she finally beat them on a tiebreaker. She had fewer problems with the Gold Run, missing only one question. 

Broke before the end of Blockbusters to dress the dolls for Easter, letting it and Match Game-Hollywood Squares run in the background. Samantha and Whitney get cute limited edition spring outfits. Sam wears her Flower Picking Dress and black and white boots, while Whitney is in (Kit's) Springtime Outfit. Felicity celebrates her birthday later this month in her salmon-pink Birthday Dress and Pinner. Molly's birthday pinafore has sleeves that are too short for early spring; she gets her aqua Polka-Dot Outfit instead. Josefina celebrates her feast day last week in her Feast Day Celebration outfit and Heirloom Accessories. Ariel sports the Flower Girl Dress from the late 2000's with a ruffled sweater and Swiss lace espadrilles from the Springfield Collection. Jessa's in the 1998 Birthday Outfit with the purple fruit-print jumper, the t-shirt with the fruit decal on the front, and purple jelly sandals. 

Let Match Game '75 run as I cleaned up from breakfast and got organized. The first episode featured a slightly cruel question about what happened to Allen Ludden at Betty White's barbecue and a lot of panelists jumping or falling out of seats. Major hams Jack Cassidy and Richard Dawson got together to ready a question about the pirate and his matey in nautical-speak in the second.

Switched to Yogi the Easter Bear while making Honey Orange Mini-Donuts. Ranger Smith is horrified when Yogi Bear eats all the candy intended for the Jellystone Easter Jamboree and destroys the Easter Bunny suit. The macho park commissioner's bringing his grandchildren to the show and expects nothing but the best. Yogi and Boo Boo go off to find the Easter Bunny, only to have to rescue him and the Easter Chicken from an extremely weird pair obsessed with plastic eggs.

Made a Chocolate-Banana Smoothie for lunch while watching the latest episode of Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures. We're in New Delhi, India for "Holi, By Golly!" Goofy and the gang are tasked with taking a guru's all-white artwork to the Museum of Modern Art, but they may not be able to pull it off with all the sudden showers and colorful spring festivals going on! Minnie's enchanted by "The Pink City," but they're really there to see their elephant friend Missy safely to an elephant sanctuary. Somehow, Cuckoo Loca and Daisy manage to lose Missy and run all over The Pink City searching for her.

Went outside after lunch. Though my foot was sore, I really wanted to enjoy the nice weather. I haven't used the hard plastic, phys ed-style jump rope I found at a yard sale since last spring. Tried jumping or skipping down Manheim and back up Reading...but first of all, I could only do it for so long before the rope got caught on my foot. Second, despite the weight I've lost, I'm not quite up to a run yet. I skipped a few minutes, then walked a few minutes. Tried jumping on the walk to my place after I got back to Hillcrest, but I could only manage 15 before the rope got caught again.

Besides, my left foot was too sore to really do much. I can walk on it, so I don't think it's broken. It's more likely I pulled a muscle yesterday. Put it up with ice while watching Super Password. Tom Poston's still on, managing to do a little better, even almost getting his contestant through the Super Password bonus round. Newcomers Janet and Gary Burghoff were the big winners on Tattletales today over older couples Amanda Blake and her animal-taming then-husband Frank Gilford and long-married Gene and Helen Rayburn. 

Press Your Luck didn't begin well for anyone. Whammies slammed the female champ three times alone in the first round. She Whammied out early in the second round. The other woman and lone man were left to battle it out. In the end, he couldn't make enough money after hitting a Whammy. She went home with no Whammies, a TV, and lots of money.

Worked a little bit on writing after the show ended. Richard gets in between the bandit and Gary, asking if he can shoot a clock off the wall behind him. He can, by golly...but Richard can do it much faster.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had leftovers while watching Match Game '76. Fannie's poor spelling comes in for ribbing when everyone sees how she spells "Minnie Pearl." (She actually has dyslexia. Bill Daily and Joyce Bulifant do, too.) Meanwhile, contestants named Maggie Smith and Ed Sullivan answer questions about what Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke eats and listen to a few new versions of the think music.

Things didn't go as well on Match Game PM. The contestants had a hard time matching. After they tied, they apparently played at least 3 Sudden Death tiebreakers before the lady won. Sweet Susan Richardson from Eight Is Enough tried to help her figure out Hot as __." 

Settled down with ice and a book as Sale of the Century began. For the second time in two days, the pretty woman contestant dominated the proceedings, buying both Instant Bargains and winning all Fame Games. Had no problem with the Bonus Round, either.

Finished out the night on Amazon Prime with Godspell. I go further into this joyous retelling of the Gospel According to St. Matthew with wonderful Steven Schwartz music at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 


Linda said...

When did you hurt your foot? Was it at work?

Don't expect to start big with the jump rope. Like when I started walking in the morning, you have to work your way up to it. It'll come. You might want to wait till the foot is better.

Emma said...

I'm guessing it must have been some time the day before. I'm really not sure. Oh, I won't be jumping again. It's not really bad, just a little sore, but I will continue to put ice on it at home.