Saturday, March 20, 2021

The First Day of Spring

Began the morning with a quick breakfast and shorts in honor of the first day of spring. "Springtime" is one of the earlier Silly Symphonies. It's pretty much just animals eating each other in time to classical music and trees and plants dancing along. The later color "Birds In the Spring" has a mother and father robin rescuing their cheeky baby from the perils awaiting him on the ground. "The Goddess of Spring" is a full-blown mini-opera retelling of "Persephone and Hades" and one of the Disney Studios' attempts to prepare for animating humans in Snow White. (They weren't quite successful here. Persephone is lovely, but dances like she's made of rubber.) 

Headed off to work shortly after that. Was able to take the bike and enjoy a gorgeous, sunny morning. It was likely in the lower 50's, just right for the first day of spring, and windless. Just made it to work on time.

Good thing, too. We were on-and-off busy all day. It would be quiet...then all of a sudden, we'd be hit with long lines of people buying food for barbecues and Easter in two weeks. Thankfully, there were no problems dealing with them. The head bagger came in for me so I could go home. 

Had a little grocery shopping to do. Found a pack of breaded fish and two packs of crab cakes with manager's coupons on them in the seafood section. The Acme had a good sale on a big two pound container of strawberries that was even better with an online coupon. Restocked milk, canned black beans and chick peas, parchment paper, toilet paper, butter, yogurt, oranges, frozen vegetables, bananas, fruit bars, and cereal.

Mixed feelings on my schedule this week. In good news, my days off are on Tuesday and Friday - I won't have to wait six days for a day off this time. Just wish I didn't have a late seven-hour day on Monday and an early eight and a half hour day on Wednesday. 

Headed home after I got off. Classic Concentration began just I got in the door. According to Alex Trebek, the young woman contestant already won several prizes, including three vacations, by this point. She picked up another a cruise to the Bahamas, among other things, easily defeating the young man she played twice. It took her longer to figure out the guess the car bonus round - too long. She got half-way through before the time ran out.

Called Mom to wish her a happy birthday after I changed and put everything away. She's worried about the Cape May-Lewes Ferry where she's a ticket taker cutting her hours due to financial problems. Otherwise, she seemed pretty happy. She's the one who recommended the Electra bike brand to me. Apparently, she has an Electra bike of her own she loves. She said she thought she might take hers out for a ride sometime this week.

Did a little bit of writing after I got off with her. Gene assures Ira Skutch that the gold that came from the local mine is being watched by his two young, eager deputies Jimmie Walker and Gary Burghoff before it goes on the train. Ira doesn't like the idea of two untried deputies watching over those gold nuggets.

Broke for dinner at 7. Watched the first two episodes of the classic Republic action serial Zorro's Fighting Legion as I ate leftovers. Don Diego Vega is in the newly-established Republic of Mexico, visiting his uncle Francisco. When his uncle is cut down, he's asked to lead his new "fighting legion" who'll combat the mysterious Don Del Oro. This huge statue claims to be the god of the Yaqui tribe and is inciting them to revolt (and treating them rather condescendingly) so he can end the republic and be made emperor. Diego Vega takes Francisco's place among the councilmen, one of whom he suspects to be Don Del Oro. 

The only Zorro serial to actually revolve around the original Zorro or take place when the original story was set in the 1820's is probably the best of the "Zorro" serials along with the unrelated Zorro's Black Whip. The interesting story and setting and some great set pieces mostly make up for the Native American stereotypes. 

Finished the night online after a shower with Gay Purr-ee. I go further into the only animated musical to feature Judy Garland at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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