Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

First of all, I wish all dads a Happy Father's Day!

Second, my day was fairly hectic. The Acme was a zoo. Between Father's Day and graduation parties, the lines were going into the eisles! We had complaints about a lack of staff too, especially baggers. (I don't see why perfectly fit people complain about bagging their own groceries. I understand if you genuinely can't do it, but if you can do it, what's the big deal?)

Thankfully, I worked early enough today that I got off of work with plenty of time to wish my own fathers a Happy Father's Day. My stepfather was at work (he's a commercial fisherman) when I called him; chatted with Mom instead. My biological father was at home, though. I spent a plesant evening with him, his girlfriend Jodie, and my stepsister Jessa. We had sandwiches and played ball with neighbors using their pool.

By the way, Dad LOVED the Summer White Fruit Cake. I never saw him eat anything so fast. ;)

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