Friday, June 29, 2007

Woman At Work

Quiet day today; it was cooler, but cloudy, gloomy, and still humid (which is why I left the air conditioner on). I spent most of the morning working on my Monkees story and editing the role-play. I'm about half-way done the Monkees story. I'm hoping if I can get it all they way done, I'll be able to work on other stories, too, including original ones. Work was steady, not too horrible.

Next month is going to be really, really busy. I have a lot of hours next week, including unusually early ones; I'm disapointed I'm going to have to miss Oaklyn's Fourth of July Parade, which I enjoyed last year, but I will get to see the fireworks. I'll have to cram in cleaning, too, because the week after, I'll be preparing for vacation.

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