Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Still Too Secure

You may recall an entry I posted in early April about a very pushy new manager at the Acme whose job it was to tell everyone sixteen thousand rules they never heard of before and will probably ignore when he walks away.

I finally discovered what Tony's technical title is - "Loss Prevention Manager." At least, that's what they say. All I've ever seen him do is chase that pidgeon in the store last month, spout archaic company rules no one's ever heard of to anyone who will listen, and stand in the front and stare at all the registers like he expects someone to screw up and walk away with something. He did it to me AGAIN tonight, this time something about having to sign up for a locker. I've never had to sign for a locker before. I don't like having a locker anyway. It makes me feel like I'm in high school. I only have it because they don't allow you to keep drinks or coats up front. I heard him doing it to the front end managers a bit later, telling them they have to sign this, that, and the other thing.

He was probably just bored. Except for one spurt around 8:30-9PM when it started to cool down a little, the store wasn't anywhere near as busy as yesterday. In fact, it was dead for most of the night, probably due to a local heat wave that sent heat and humidity levels skyrocketing. I wish he'd do what most people in the store do when they're bored and read a magazine or fill the plastic bags.

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