Thursday, June 28, 2007

Might As Well Be Walking On The Sun

Despite yesterday's thunderstorms, the heat wave continued today. A nice breeze made things slightly more bearable, but I was still sweating buckets when I arrived at counseling.

Ironically, Scott was late this time; traffic troubles. (I was actually five minutes early!) We discussed my success with losing weight and my fear of getting a job. I can lose twenty pounds and do pilates or yoga three times a week, but I still can't bring myself to get up the nerve to send resumes to all those fancy companies whose listings I see at Craigslist. I keep thinking "What would they want with me? I haven't worked anywhere but the Acme since 2001. I'm not one of those pretty women in the stilletto heels in Philadelphia. I don't know anything about pharmaceuticals, or finances, or selling things."

It's hard not to think that way. I've had so little success with job-hunting. I had to go through an agency that helps troubled kids in South Jersey to get real summer jobs when I was a teenager. No one in Cape May would hire me when I first got my job permit, and when my family first moved to North Cape May, all I could get was McDonald's, which lasted maybe a month or two at the most. I didn't get the Acme job until mid-way through college.

The heat did a number on the thrift shop, too. We were busy, but not as much as last week, and earlier volunteers had done most of the organizing. Erica was on vacation this week and didn't do the best job organizing things for Diane, her replacement; poor Diane didn't know who was showing up when! When's all said and done, I did go through most of the new kids' clothes and almost all of the big plastic bins of videos, clothes, and books someone donated.

I picked up a small Proud Heart Cat Care Bear Cousins doll and a Muppet Babies video featuring two of the later (late 80s-early 90s) cartoons, "Six To Eight Weeks" and "Eight Flags Over the Nursery." (The latter was particularly memorable as the only Muppet Babies episode to include footage from an earlier Muppet cartoon series featuring the original characters. The former was less memorable, but did have a nice "Beetlejuice" parody.) I wish all of the episodes were on video, but this show used so many different clips from movies and TV shows from every studio imaginable, the rights would be astronomical nowadays. Not to mention the show was very much of its time; kids today wouldn't get the "Beetlejuice" spoof in "Six To Eight Weeks" or the Jaws jokes in "Eight Flags."

The rest of the day was less busy. I went home, did pilates, had dinner (including the eggs), and went down to Leo's Yum Yums for some water ice. I had Coconut, but someone must have forgotten to wash off the scooper from the last customer, because I tasted some Cherry-Vanilla and Lemon in there, too. I didn't finish it.


Unknown said...

I was searching for Leo's Yum-Yums on Google and came across your blog. You are the only hit for Leo's. I haven't had those things since I was ten, and I see you mention Oaklyn, so you must be a south jersey girl! I went to PVI myself. Anyway, if you know where I can get Yum-yums, is there any chance you can email me the location at Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi, I was searching for Leo's Yum-Yums on google and your blog had the only hit. I see you mention Oaklyn in your blog so you must be a Jersey girl! I went to PVI myself. If you happen to know where I can find Leo's Yum-yums, could you email me the location at A few of my buddies were talking about it and we haven't had one since we were 10, playing baseball down in Washington Twp. Thanks!