Monday, June 04, 2007

Getting Things Done

Finally got some cleaning done today. I decided to admit I just didn't get to dusting last month and did the kitchen and the bathroom today. I need to replace the bathroom rugs eventually. One of mine is ripped, and I've had the other since I got out of college, and it's falling apart now.

I also finally got together with my sister Rose at the apartment she shares with her boyfried Craig, their puppies Kelsey (a minature pincher) and Toby (a border collie), and their cat Bob. We discussed our weight loss, the animals, exercising, our brother Keefe's upcoming junior high school graduation, and job hunting over a friendly cup of tea. She also gave me a pilates DVD.

We also weighed each other. I'm down to 229 now, from 240 in mid-April when we first started. Yay! :D

I'm hoping to vacumn tomorrow and finally get to the dusting and the bedroom windows. I'll do the laundry on Wendesday, and scrub the bathroom and hall floor Friday morning. (Neither are very big. This is a large apartment, but not THAT large.)

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