Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lightning Is Striking Again

It was soooooo hot today. It hit the mid-90s in the Philadelphia area and the humidity was through the roof. I went for a much-needed swim while doing the laundry at Uncle Ken's. (I hope he's ok. He and a friend were driving to Ocean City, Maryland today. I forgot to ask them if their car air conditioners work.)

I should have just stayed inside this afternoon, but I wanted to return my library books. They're techinically due next week, but the Fourth of July is next week and I probably won't have the time. I rode all the way over there, sweating buckets the whole time...only to find that they closed early due to their air conditioners breaking down.

Damn. I hate air conditioners. And I wanted to renew the new Amelia Peabody mystery Tomb Of the Golden Bird. I put the rest of the books in a book return bin. I'll see if I can renew Amelia tomorrow after volunteering.

I went to Super Fresh after that to see if they had any good sales, especially on produce. I did get some good meat sales (how do they always know when I'm going to be there and that they should have skinless chicken breasts on sale?), but not much for produce or anything else.

And of course, just as Lauren gets on after helping her mother with a plumbing problem, there's a massive thunderstorm.

And I have counceling tomorrow. I wish I had an easier time explaining my anxiety regarding job searches. I've tried and tried for six years, but interviews scare the hell out of me, I'm not smart or sophisticated like other secretaries in the city, and I don't know anything about half the businesses out there (and the ones that I do know anything about don't need me).

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