Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Let The Sunshine In

A massive thunderstorm last night finally broke the heat. The rain ended around 11AM; after that, it was gorgeous sunshine and normal-for-June-in-New Jersey 80 degree temperatures all the way, with no humidity. I turned the air conditioner and fan off this morning. There's a nice breeze coming in from the side window in my bedroom.

I'm currently working on a Monkees fairy-tale-based fanfic I started last year but got stuck on. I'm hoping if I can finish that, I'll finally be able to get my brain working enough to do non-fanfiction.

I'm using this week to catch up on things I've been meaning to do for a while, since I don't have any major plans. One of those things was FINALLY scrubbing my bathroom and hall floor. They were awful. You should have seen how dark the water was when I finished. I've put this off for at least two months. Something always came up when I planned it.

And of course, the whole thing ended up taking less than a half hour to scrub and dry. My bathroom and hall aren't THAT big.

Also took a walk to Audobon today to visit my friend Bob at the used CD store Abbie Road, something else I haven't done in months. Had a nice chat with him about oldies and bought Bette Midler, some of Eric Clapton's early solo stuff, and "The Very Best of the Fifth Dimension." (Don't laugh, ok? I like "Wedding Bell Blues!")

I'm off of work today and tomorrow; yesterday was busy, but not too bad, though I think the impending storm and oppressive heat made a lot of people cranky.

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