Friday, June 22, 2007

Perfect Summer Day

Today could not have been a more gorgeous summer day. It was lower 80s, sunny, absolutely no humidity whatsoever, with a lovely breeze. I returned "Casino Royale" early this afternoon. It was a day late; yes, I did pay the fine. I didn't linger at the Oaklyn Library too long after that. It was closing soon (it's only open from 10-2 and 4-8 for some reason), and the librarian was squawking at some guy for lingering too long on the computer. When librarians start chewing people out for printing things on the computer for too long, it's time to leave.

I walked around in the neighborhood where the Library is it closed. I bought some lemonade from a kids' stand on one of the side street. I always try to buy lemonade from kids' stands, no matter where I am. It gives the kids money beyond their allowances, it teaches them how to take care of finances and serve customers...and I remember how my sisters and I struggled with lemonade stands when we were kids. We lived on a quiet side street in Cape May with few cars. Our rare attempts at lemonade selling were usually failures, thanks to the location.

I also discovered a park behind the elementary school on the end of West Clinton Avenue I didn't know was there before. Unlike the Veteran's Park next-door to my apartment, which is just grass, trees, cliffs, and river, this park was obviously for the neighborhood kids. There was an elaborate playground, a Little League diamond, tennis courts, and an open field probably intended for running around or for other sports, like soccer.

Work was short (four hours) and fairly trouble-free, thought it did get a little busy towards the end.

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