Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Angry Young Woman

Long, relatively boring morning at work. Relatively early, too. I began at 8:30AM and I didn't sleep that great last night. 8:30AM beats 8:30PM anytime...but I'm just not used to working early. I wish I was. Maybe I'd be able to handle it better when old men throw fits because the two bags of Bisquick flavored mixes don't turn up exactly the price they want. I don't give a care how long he's been shopping at the store, and I wish people would stop using that as an excuse just to get what they want. Prices are prices, no matter how long you've been shopping at a store. I left work pissed as hell and in tears. I'm just so sick of people's hissy fits.

I rode home, changed, and went back out again. One of the definite advantages of early work is getting off early, and I decided to cheer myself up with some library volunteering. I did the children's DVDs and started the regular CDs. Both were in lousy condition. The CDs probably hadn't been done since the last time I did them almost a year ago. I came home with three CDs - Mandy Patkin's wonderful solo album of Stephan Sondheim songs, the Beatles' third album Beatles for Sale, and the original cast album of the Broadway show Movin' Out, a dance program based around the music of one of my long-time favorite singers, Billy Joel. I stopped at Super Fresh on the way home. I picked up whipped topping and rye flour but forgot the reason I was there - milk.

I just downloaded iTunes 7. I don't download music. I'd rather take what I want off CDs for travel. Downloading music just uses up space on my computer that could be used by other things...like writing programs, for instance.

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