Monday, July 07, 2008

"That Demmed Elusive Pimpernel..."

Spent most of today at work, which, like yesterday, was steady-to-dead with no major problems besides a few obnoxious people. One Camden couple kept fussing over prices, complained about the frozen chicken not being on sale (well, if you'd read the SIGN), and then left four 12-packs of soda leaning against the register. The two customers after them almost tripped over the damn things! If you don't want a large item, either put it on an empty register, or if there are no empty registers around you, hand it to your cashier and they'll put it away later. Don't just leave items any old place, especially very large items. Have some consideration for the people behind you.

I started El Dorado: The Further Adventures of the Scarlet Pimpernel this morning. I hope it's better than The Elusive Pimpernel. Elusive was ok, but it lacked action and took forever to get anywhere, plus there was no rescuing until the very end. I frankly liked the first one better myself. El Dorado at least should fill the action and rescue quota. Apparently, Percy and his boys intend to grab the imprisoned Prince of France from under Chauvelin's nose.

The weather remains humid and on and off stormy. It spit a little while I rode to work, but not enough for me to get very wet. Some of the baggers mentioned rain showers starting and stopping suddenly while they were returning carts to the front of the building, and I rode home in the tail end of a short shower. I went for a quick walk to WaWa's for turkey lunchmeat; I was originally going to go to Doria's Deli around the corner, but they were closed today. I was hungry, so I picked up a bagel and made a Raspberry Light Lemonade at the soda fountain. Once again, I just made it in before the next round of showers.

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