Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Long, Hot Summer

The weather remains hot, upper-80s, but not humid, which is fine. As much as it may annoy people, this isn't really unusual for mid-July in southern New Jersey. There was a really nice breeze this evening that I hope lasts.

I called Mom this morning while the Beatles show was on. She was on her own again. Dad was fishing and Keefe was with Anny, Skylar, and Anny's boyfriend Mike. She's not terribly happy with Keefe or my sister and her boyfriend right now. She found out Keefe has started smoking, and she suspects Anny and Mike, both of whom smoke, may have influenced him. Anny has never been the best influence on the kid in any case. Apparently, she didn't learn anything from her potassium-intake scare a few months back and still insists on a diet of McDonald's and Starbucks. I understand that as a single mother and manager at Big Lots she doesn't have a lot of money, but...come on. McDonald's food is terrible and even worse for you. Starbucks is fine eaten once every couple of months in Philly, but not everyday. There are equally cheap options that are better for you.

Mom had more praise for my weight loss. She reminded me that I lose fat in certain places first. (The darn stomach will be among the last to go.) In some cases, this is no problem. I love my legs, which are firm and muscular from all my riding and walking. I'm glad to be able to SEE my neck. I'm hoping Mom's right and I'll lose enough in my chest to balance out my small shoulders. She suggested checking out good sales at Wal-Mart or Target for inexpensive gold earrings and bracelets. I can't get away with silver like she can, and unlike Rose, she realizes this. My ears are very sensitive. I've tried twice to wear cheap earrings, once in the late 80s when long earrings were in style, and again in high school. Both times, I ended up with pussy, scabby, sore ears, and the jewelry in question ended up in thrift shops, the trash, or on my Christmas tree. (I'm less fond of her suggestion I buy a pair of flat shoes in every color. I don't NEED them in every color. I'm not that big of a fan of shoes.)

Work was steady-to-busy today, with no major problems other than my relief was late. The guys who was my relief is always late, though, and the managers realized this and let me go on time.

I went for a walk to CVS after I got in. I stopped at Dad and Uncle Ken's really quick to say "hi" and see how the party last night went after I left. They were in the midst of another party when I arrived, only this time, the pool was filled with kids, kids, and more kids. Seems one of Dolores' granddaughters had her birthday party in the pool area. Even Brittany and Jessa joined in this time. Dad, Uncle Ken, and Jodie had vacated the area, though, so I chatted a little with Vanessa and Mark and moved on.

I had a nice walk to and from CVS. I needed night light bulbs (I've forgotten to get them for over a week), and I saw eggs were $1.89 there and grabbed a carton. I feel sorry for the poor girl at the register. Her printer ate my receipt both times I was there. That usually happens at the Acme after someone leans hard on the printer, but I didn't see anyone touch hers, and she said she'd just replaced the roll. I hope she moved to another register or got someone to fix that.

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