Monday, July 28, 2008

Frequent Flyer

First of all, happy birthday to my biological father Bruce! I'll be bringing my birthday present for him over when I do the laundry and go out to dinner with the family on Thursday. Bruce and Jodie called while I was at work and said they were making a special dinner and would be willing to save me some. Alas, I wasn't done until 7:30, too late to go anywhere but the shower.

I spent the morning sleeping in and catching up on paperwork and editing the short stories Lauren and I have written in the past few weeks. We're going to be starting August's main story tomorrow night; look for it in a few weeks!

Work was on-and-off steady, with no major problems, something I'm grateful for after all the rude and obnoxious customers last Monday. We had one pair who threw a fit when they thought the Pepsi 24-packs were $4.99 all together with a coupon instead of $4.99 EACH, but other than that, there were no problems customer-wise. (I have the feeling that coupon is going to give me trouble all week. It DOES say "$4.99 each" on the small text.)

The store was more of a problem than the customers. The front end was a mess when I arrived. They were in the midst of cleaning under the candy and magazine racks in the front of the registers so they could install new ones. They did finally get them in towards the end of my shift, but there was still carts full of 20 oz soda, water, juice, and energy drinks, magazines, and candy and gum when I left.

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