Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Seeking Balance

I finally took a yoga class today, like I've been telling my counselor I would for the past two months or so. I ended up enjoying it. It was a Yin/Vinyasa class, meaning a combination of long-held seating poses that are supposed to work on your joints and standing poses that work on flexibility, balance, and coordination...all of which I desperately need to work on. I also need to work on focusing, something I've discussed with Scott. It's hard to filter out all the things that go on in my mind and concentrate on the present time. I got the moves the wrong way twice because my mind was elsewhere and not on what it was supposed to be doing. Jill, my instructor, was very sweet and helpful, though, and I wasn't the only person who was new to the class (though I was the only person who got confused about which way to turn).

I went for a short walk in Collingswood after the class. I dropped into the thrift shop to say "hi" to Erica and checked the Collingswood Variety Store to see if they have any of the new WebKinz. (Nope.) The rest of the day was comparatively quiet. I worked on editing the Monkees Role Play for the rest of the morning after getting back from Collingswood. Work was so quiet, I spent the second half of my two-hour-shift returning items.

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