Monday, July 21, 2008


Today did NOT go well. I went to Yogawood this morning for my second class. This class was all Vinyasa, and it did involve some standing on one foot...something I am NOT good at. I keep getting confused about which side to turn to, too - I look at the people on the other side of the room and not at what I'm doing. And I've been hoping to meet people I can talk to, but as usual, everyone knows everyone but me, everyone's been in the area all their lives, everyone has a family or a place to go. Guess who just went straight home after class? It won't stop me from going to a class every week I can make it, but I really wish I could find SOMEONE in this area who is single and living totally alone like me. Maybe I'd feel less like a weird creature.

Work didn't make me feel any better. The computer behaved this time, but the people didn't. EVERYONE seemed to be in a bad mood, culminating in a noisy shouting match between two customers when one stepped back so a man could get the right pack of water and the other and his wife walked right in with ice cream. The wife was so apologetic, but I was about ready to kill the other two and the man whose inability to read signs started the whole thing in the first place. People were rude. People were whiny. People were ignorant. I'm getting SO sick of it. The next person who gives me a hard time over water and ice cream is going to get said items shoved down their gullets.

At least things went well in WebKinz World. A week-long Wacky Zingoz Festival began on Thursday. You can click on the flying Wacky and win a Wacky Zingoz stuffed toy for your pets, and when you play the original (not the Extreme) Wacky Zingoz, if you manage to hit it past the 600 mark, you win a Wacky Zingoz 600 trophy! Not only did I finally win my third Arcade trophy and first Wacky trophy, but I'm up to four Wacky plushies (counting the one I sent to Lauren for her WebKinz). Not to mention I posted my best-ever scores on Triple Strike Solitare, Lilly Padz (which I used to be terrible at), and Hungry Hog (Level 17!).

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niferjen said...

I don't know if it means anything to you, but I have the very same feeling about my Jazzercise class in the mornings before work. I'm brand new to it and everyone else hangs out and laughs and seems like they've been doing it forever... and I come in, do the exercises and leave. It's so hard to get to know people. I wish we could hang out together.