Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Return of the TreeHouse Cafe

Today was the earliest I've worked on a Saturday since the spring. On one hand, this meant I had to forgo my farm market/yard sale trip this week. (Hopefully, I'll be able to pull it off next week.) On the other hand, it meant I got out of work early enough to do some chores and enjoy a lovely, hot-but-not-humid summer afternoon. Work was steady, not too crazy (and no call-outs, surprising after yesterday and given the great weather). There were a few obnoxious customers, including one older man who didn't read the coupon for the $4.99 24 packs of Pepsi sodas and Aquafina water and thought they were $4.99 all together when they were $4.99 each and wasn't too happy about it. Otherwise, everything went fine and my relief was on time.

After I left work, I rode to Merchant Street in Audubon for the re-opening of one of my favorite local coffee shops, the TreeHouse Cafe. It was in Collingswood, but like Abbie Road, moved to Audubon when the rent got too high. The building it currently occupies is somewhat newer and less homey, and I miss the murals and the lovely old fireplace, but it's larger, with more tables, more light, and a much nicer kitchen area. I treated myself to a Chai Tea Latte Freeze (basically, a chai tea Slurpee). It was a little sweet but very tasty.

I spent the rest of the afternoon finally dusting my apartment and sweeping the porch. Both badly needed it. I think the dust was effecting my nose. I've been sneezing and am often stuffed up in the morning. I don't usually put off dusting this long, but I either haven't had the chance to do it or the weather got too nice or I had something else going on.

I had dinner on the porch for the first time in over a month, too, just burgers and a salad. I was attacked by a few flies, but there was a nice wind going and it wasn't nearly as bad as the last time I did it, when every mosquito for a hundred miles decided to use me as open bar night.

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