Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rock and Roll Party Queen

Got up early this morning in order to hit the Farm Market early. I would have skipped it all together this week if I wasn't in desperate need of filling the vegetable drawer in my fridge. The spinach and the cherries are gone, but I was able to pick up peaches, mushrooms, leeks, celery, garlic, blueberries, tomatoes, red leaf lettuce, an odd-looking fat, round eggplant, and something called sugar plums - tiny, round plums - to replace the cherries.

There were only two yard sales today, but I did find something interesting. I picked up a vintage 80s cassette player at a house down the street as a temporary replacement for the Victrola tape player, which died last week. I really need a new stereo, period, or at least a new tape/CD player. (The record player Lauren and I bought last summer works fine.) I'd like to find another retro/old-fashioned-style console, but at this point, anything that works decently and will for a few years would be nice. I was hoping to set it up where the radio/tape player is now in the kitchen, but the plug was jammed between the wood partitions that separate the kitchen and the entertainment room and I couldn't get it out. The new (old) tape player ended up on top of the Victrola instead.

After my long morning, work was no problem at all. I had a hot, sweaty ride, but we were really just steady, not nearly as busy as we usual are on weekends (or as we were last week). Most people are probably either at the Shore or in someone else's pool.

Speaking of someone else's pool, that's where I went after work. Jodie was holding her youngest son's high school graduation party at Dad's house. I changed into my bathing suit and new peach skirt and white shoes and went over with my Chocolate Mint Chip Cream Pie. Most of the guests were Jodie's family, and I didn't know them well. I spent most of the time I was at the party either eating, swimming in the pool with the little kids, or watching Jessa, Brittany, and a bunch of the grade-school-age boys play Jessa's new copy of Super Smash Brothers Brawl. I said "hi" to Erica and her mom, too, making up for not being able to visit Erica at the shop this morning. (The thrift shop opens at 10. I was long out of Collingswood by then.)

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