Sunday, July 20, 2008

Girl Power

Work was a farce today. It was four hours and felt much longer. The computers went down for 20 minutes, which resulted in backed-up lines and annoyed people. It took longer to get the credit card/debit card machine up and running. I got lucky. I'd just finished a small order when the computers went down and was waiting for smaller bills to give a customer. Some people lost their computers in the middle of big Sunday orders!

Otherwise, today went very well. I chatted with Mom and Dad this morning. They were on their own - Keefe was babysitting for Anny. Not a whole lot going on over there, other than Mom being annoyed with Anny and Skylar, which is nothing new.

After my lousy day at work, I needed to relax, so I went over to Uncle Ken's and encountered a small party. Apparently Uncle Ken, Dolores, and some of Dolores' adult children are going on a two-week vacation to Malta starting Wednesday and everyone was over to use the pool and say good-bye. I swam with Dolores' grandchildren Blake, Colin, Kristin, and Mercedes, watched Kristin and Mercedes the budding songwriters work on a routine for their "band," and had a "strong woman talk" with Jodie, Kristin, and an upset Mercedes (who had just argued with her brother Colin).

And yes Kristin, it's ok for men to cry. :)

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