Friday, July 18, 2008

Crocodile Cutie

Went to the Acme this morning to pick up my paycheck and do a little bit of grocery shopping. I'm glad the store is selling Acme insulated bags. It hit 97 degrees here and was sweltering even as I made my way to the store around quarter of 11. I didn't need much - granola bars, yogurt, olive oil, more (cheap) eye round steak, skim milk. Despite the store being busy, I was out by 11:30 and home by 12.

After I got home and put everything away, I finally decided that yes, I wanted to go to the Deptford Mall. I wanted to hit the end-of-the-summer clothes sales before they were picked over, I needed new cheap sneakers to run errands in, and I wanted to see if the card stores had the new WebKinz yet. (They always get them before the stores around here do.) I invited my stepsister Jessa along for the ride. We hadn't gone out together since the day in March when we went to the Gallery Mall in Philadelphia. I could use the company, and it wouldn't kill her to do something other than sit inside and download music.

We had a lovely afternoon. I showed her the bus to take and the bus route, and she saw the bus just as it pulled up to the station curb. She helped me decide between the WebKinz Crocodile and Toucan (went with the crocodile, BTW), and found some great pants. She ended up with a stuffed Lightning McQueen (from the Disney/Pixar movie Cars) for our cousin CJ, two cards (for Dad and for CJ), and three pairs of patterned socks, two with Lightning McQueen on them. I bought three pairs of pants (denim capris and two bermuda shorts) and a new white t-shirt (my old one is hanging off me) from JcPenny's massive 60-75% off all summer clothes sale, a yellow-orange tank top from Avenue, the WebKinz crocodile and three cards for CJ, Dad, and my nephew Skylar from Carlton Cards, a new pair of cheap sneakers from Payless Shoes, and the last two Hello Kitty Furry Tale Theater DVDs I didn't have from KB Toys.

Dad picked us up after we finally got in. I spent the evening chatting and eating mushroom pizza with him, Jodie, Mark, and Vanessa, and getting to talk to Rose before she goes to Costa Rica on Sunday. Rose suggested a hair salon in Haddon Heights that did a great job on her hair; I may look them up next week or when I have the money. She also said she'd be willing to give me some of her old clothes that were now too small for her and would take some of my winter clothes that are too big. (I donated a lot of clothes to the thrift shop, too.)

Oh, and meet Everglades the Crocodile! The goofiest reptile north of Florida, Everglades comes with a "Rockin' Croc Storage" container that can be put in a yard and allows him to be my first WebKinz to live entirely outdoors. He lives in a quiet swamp, surrounded by palm trees, flowers, and crumbling ruins.

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