Friday, November 26, 2021

Black Friday Surprises

Started off a gloomy morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Friends Help Each Other" when Daniel helps Katarina gather the tea cups she dropped on the floor and clean up after a spill. "Daniel Helps O Tell a Story" after they discover the last page of O's dinosaur book is missing and they decide to create their own ending.

Switched to Buzzr for Match Game '75 while I cleaned up from breakfast. The panel welcomes back former contestant C.B Farnsworth, who won a bundle the year before, in the audience. They even sing a bit of the number Charles and Richard came up with when he won. Richard gives the top answer for "__ Bubbles" and is a bit annoyed when the female contestant runs over and only gives him a little kiss on the cheek!

Headed out after that. It may have been cold, cloudy, and windy, but I wanted to finish my Christmas shopping, or at least get closer to it. I also wanted to further explore the new House of Fun, which moved to a small shopping center in Barrington earlier this year. It's a long ride up there, almost a half-hour, and frequently on bumpy roads with no sidewalks, but it's worth it. 

The House of Fun sells toys, collectibles, tons of Funko Pops, stuffed animals, video games, comic books, cult DVDs and Blu-Rays, t-shirts, vintage board games, and books and magazines on all of the above. I didn't see anything for Amanda and I'm trying to avoid buying junk for me, but I did finish my Christmas shopping for Lauren. Found a video game I hope she'll want to try and a Funko Pop. 

After I finally left there, I took the same way back down Atlantic...but this time, I turned at Virginia Avenue and Market Street in Audubon instead of going straight into Oaklyn. Wanted to hit the Acme for my schedule and grocery shopping. I didn't really need much in the way of groceries anyhow. I was mainly there for milk. Found Christmas tote bags to put Finley and Khai's gifts in. Restocked yogurt, brown sugar, white beans, deodorant, cranberries, and bananas. 

To my surprise, I don't have a schedule next week. They can't spare me for a full month, but they can give me a week. Actually, this is probably the right week to take off. Not only did I originally ask for two days off anyway for counseling and Amanda's visit on Saturday, but my hours probably wouldn't have been that great. We're usually dead for at least two weeks between Black Friday and when Christmas baking kicks in. In fact, the store was empty even as I shopped, and it was 3 PM. The last thing on anyone's mind right now is buying food! I won't be paid for it, but at this point, I don't care. I need to find a place. 

Put on Tattletales when I got in and shelved everything. Greg Morris of Mission: Impossible and his soft-spoken wife Lee were the only people I recognized here. I'd only seen Janet Lynde and her hubby William Gray Espy on the show, and I never heard of Jack and Reiko Douglas. Frankly, it was so dull, I gave up and went online instead.

Threw out a few more e-mails for about an hour. Threw one last shot to an apartment building, The Commons in Audubon on Browsing Craiglist around 5 PM turned up an listing for another Audubon apartment, this one a duplex over a 92-year-old woman's rooms. It wasn't too bad of a price, and having lived over an older woman once, I wouldn't mind doing it again. The family said they visited her frequently and were willing to share her internet and cable. The listing didn't have a phone number, so I e-mailed them. 

Worked on writing after I sent the e-mail. Brett's annoyed to find she's landed in what looks like the palace hall...and Marcia's even more annoyed that Brett landed on her. Richard's the last down, and he immediately shoos all of them out the door before the guards come after them.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had Thanksgiving leftovers while watching Match Game '79. Don Galloway makes his first appearance on the show as everyone tosses around jokes about Bill Daily's new short beard. (Brett called him Santa Claus!) Speaking of Brett, she spent most of the episode ranting about increased property taxes in California and having to pay them. 

Made Pineapple-Pumpkin Muffins while Match Game PM ran. Orson Bean sported the bushy beard in this episode, but the panelists were more interested in Gene's dapper two-tone shoes. Gene and Richard preferred flirting with a nervous high school contestant who was barely above the age of consent. 

Finished out the night with Buzzr's third annual Black Friday Frenzy marathon. They dropped all shows but Sale of the Century this year as they ran the final episodes of the series from the spring of 1989. The show also had its final major champion as Darrel, a young-ish man with a mustache, proceeded to win pretty much everything but the car and the Instant Cash. He bought at least four or five Instant Bargains and won most of the money, but he just could never find the right box for that cash. There were a few amusing Instant Bargain skits too, including a tea set sold by Alice and the Mad Hatter and a "garage sale" made up of electronics and an entertainment center that failed to sell the first time they were out.

(Oh, and the next Buzzr marathon is another annual favorite, their Betty White Christmas. Looks like new Super Password, Password Plus, and Match Game Christmas week in honor of Betty's 100th Christmas season. Looking forward to it! The Betty White Christmas weeks are always fun. Betty will keep me company Christmas week while Rose and her family are away.) 

Got a call from Connecticut around 8 PM. It was the owner of the house I e-mailed on Craigslist this evening. The lady was visiting relatives for the holiday weekend, but either she or her sister would love to show me around on Monday. She'd call me back with more information after she got home. She did ask me what my job was, but I think they cared more about there being a quiet person with a steady job living over their mother than how much I made. She even said paying the year's rent in advance wouldn't be necessary. If I don't hear from them by Monday, I'll e-mail them again.

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