Monday, November 29, 2021

Everybody's Got a Home but Me

Began the morning with breakfast and the second Christmas Muppet Babies episode. "It's a Wonderful Elf-Bot" that Bunsen and Beaker made to create gifts from art supplies. The kids say they want to make a paper wreath for Statler and Waldorf, only to over do it asking for their own gifts. They finally realize how greedy they got when there's no art supplies left, and they still don't have something for their neighbors. Bunsen learns why "A Merry Litter Christmas" isn't much fun when the boxes of shrimp-flavored milk he blasts into outer space blocks supplies from getting to Gonzo's home planet. 

Made lists of everything I needed to do today and all the things I need to pack after breakfast, then went online to see if the owner of the house called. She finally did around tell me she rented the apartment to a friend who looked at it right after me. I thought I had it! No, he said he'd take it before I did, apparently. 

So, I was back to square one. I checked online again. Tried to finish one application for The Commons of Audubon, but didn't know if Jodi or Willa from my previous apartment had e-mail addresses. Called Oaklyn Villas on the White Horse Pike; got a rather terse-sounding woman. She said she'd e-mail me an application. I know the building was remodeled about five or six years ago. In fact, the local bigwigs made a rather big deal about it, since it was pretty dilapidated before they fixed it. Also e-mailed another apartment in a house listed on the other side of Audubon.

(Oh, and at the very least, from what I can hear next-door, Jodie didn't end up getting the house at the Shore she wanted, either.) 

Headed out to run errands around 1PM. I still decided it's time I started packing. Hit Dollar General for canned pumpkin, sponges, and a few bins. They had plenty of canned pumpkin and I did get a bin, but were completely out of sponges. I ended up buying those at CVS, along with paper towels. 

I didn't even put everything away when I got home. I went right online again. I haven't wanted to get too many people involved in this, but I'm desperate. I asked for help on Facebook. My cousins who live in Clementon down the Black Horse Pike sent me information on two places. One's a little too far from transportation, but the other (where their older son apparently lives) is closer to what I'm looking for.

Jessa called as I worked. She saw my message on Facebook and wondered what happened. She pretty much just said keep trying. It's not like I have a choice. I have to get out of here. 

Worked on writing for a while next. Sir Richard leads them all into a magical Technicolor garden, where the flowers all talk and look like blonde beauties. Brett doesn't appreciate their giggly gossiping, but Richard has an easier time. 

Rose called while I was on the computer. She too heard about my losing the apartment. She keeps insisting that Jodie is in the wrong and should have given me two months to leave instead of one. At this point, I don't care, and I'm tired of trying to wade through everyone's six hundred different stories. All I want is for everyone to just get along and stop all of this. 

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. Had Thanksgiving leftovers while watching Match Game '79. Loved Lee Merriweather's reaction when she helped a contestant with "__ Counselor" on the Head-to-Head. Bill Daily had less luck with "__ Exit" later. We also had some jokes when Charles gave Butter for "Cocoa __" later. (Mom used cocoa butter hand lotion for years, throughout the 80's.) We also met a contestant who does surgery on fruit flies.

The Match Game PM was the episode Buzzr rediscovered and ran for the first time in 40 years a few months ago. Eva Gabor made her debut on the show this week. Meanwhile, Brett plays with a fan and Charles uses it to heighten suspense in the Head-to-Head round.

Started packing after the show ended. Dropped the Christmas and holiday books except for the ones I'm reading into a bin. I won't need them. I'm not going to be able to celebrate Christmas this year. I did listen to my In the Christmas Mood II and True Value Happy Holidays Vol 28 cassettes. The latter was the first True Value Happy Holidays collection I bought (though not the same copy - my original cassette broke two years ago). Also packed the rag dolls, since they were sitting on top of the Christmas books.

Ended the night online with Christmas drama and action episodes. The Love Boat made several holiday voyages, starting with Season 4. The ship's lounge singer (Jack Jones) isn't saying "That's My Dad" when his estranged singer father (Allan Jones, Jones' real-life singer father) turns up on the ship thanks to their wives trying to reunite them. Gopher and Isaac's efforts to teach "The Captain's Bird" how to talk ends with the parrot insulting Steubling.. A young stowaway (Meeno Peluce) hopes he has a "Captive Audience" in a good-natured playboy (Dirk Benedict). 

The holidays are more dangerous for Jennifer and Johnathan Hart in Hart to Hart. "'Tis the Season to Be Murdered" when the private detective Johnathan hired to find out about counterfeit toys going out of his toy company is murdered right after giving him information. Johnathan and Jennifer go undercover to figure out who's leaking new toy concepts to their competitor. Meanwhile, Max is more interested in his new hobby - meditation. 

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