Friday, November 12, 2021

Sunshine Surprise

Awoke to a gloomy, windy, rainy morning. Cheered things up with a spinach omelet for breakfast and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Peppermint Patty invites herself, Marcie, and Franklin over for Thanksgiving dinner, ignoring Chuck's bleating that they'll be at his grandmother's house for the holiday. Linus suggests he has two dinners, one with his grandmother, and a smaller one of popcorn, pretzels, toast, and jelly beans for the kids. Peppermint Patty's outraged,  until Marcie and Linus remind everyone of the real reason for the holiday. 

Moved on to "The Mayflower Voyagers," an episode of the miniseries This Is America, Charlie Brown, as I did the dishes and got ready for work. The Peanuts, Snoopy, and Woodstock are Pilgrim children and pets heading for the New World. There's much peril at sea, including terrible storms and crowded conditions onboard that tests the Pilgrims' faith. Things get worse when they land at Plymouth. They're not ready for the brutal New England winter and lose many settlers, though, thankfully, none of the children. Their prayers are answered when kindly Natives teach them how to plant corn and harvest crops. The pilgrims are so delighted with their help, they invite them for a feast of Thanksgiving.

I didn't expect to find an Uber driver who would arrive in two minutes! The cartoon hadn't even ended when I grabbed my coat and bag and rushed out. Made it just as the driver pulled up at the curb. No trouble after that, either. I got to work with plenty of time to spare.

And that was one of the most exciting things that happened all day. We were actually pretty quiet, especially for a Friday less than two weeks before Thanksgiving. The other bit of excitement was our turkey coupons don't seem to be working. At least two couples weren't very happy that their free turkey wouldn't come off. Otherwise, I spent the day shelving candy and working on story notes. The sun coming out around 1 and it becoming a gorgeous fall day probably kept people away, too. 

It was dark by the time I finished work. That could be why I had a harder time finding a ride home. It took them 20 minutes to arrive this time, but at least he got home quick after that. 

Went straight into leftovers for dinner and Match Game '77 when I got home. Proud dad Richard Dawson wishes his son Gary a happy late birthday early in the episode. Later, the others joke about a contestant's butterfly-shaped glasses and try to figure out "Key to __" in the Audience Match.

Finally got to dusting during the second round. Interestingly, we had a second reference to Anita Bryant and orange juice in this episode. Charles did answer it, but his response was understandably snippy. Meanwhile, Richard helps the contestant with "__ Grove" on the Head-to-Head.

Gene started off Match Game PM helping an especially nervous contestant to relax. Poor lady was so scared, she didn't even remember her husband's name. Meanwhile, Joyce Bulifant does unusually well, including helping the winner with "__ Inn" on the Head-to-Head.

Finished off the night online with holiday programming. Garfield's Thanksgiving isn't terribly pleasant when Liz the veterinarian puts Garfield on a diet the day before the holiday. Worse yet, Jon convinces her to come to dinner, when he doesn't even know how to cook a turkey. Good thing Grandma from the Christmas special knows what to do.

There's a few ballets on the library streaming site Kanopy. I found a unique version of The Nutcracker and the Mouse King put on by a Danish company. I love it when companies adapt the story to their area. In this case. the tale is now set in Amsterdam on St. Nicholas Day, 1810. St. Nicholas and his blackface counterpart Black Peter give out gifts, including the Nutcracker. The Nutcracker Prince is the handsome young man Clara met at the party who treated her like an adult. Instead of going to the Land of Sweets, they end up in Uncle Drosselmeyer's newfangled steampunk camera, where all of the candy comes to life...but the Mouse King still pursues them. Very unique production, especially how the Mouse King is taken down in the end. 

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