Tuesday, November 16, 2021


Started off the morning with breakfast and Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures. Everyone's excited for "Mickey's Thanksgiving Fun Race" as the Roadster Racers join their closest friends and family to drive a parade float. Mickey and Donald pair up in the gravy boat, but Mickey wants to take things slow, and Donald wants to go fast. The two learn a lesson about cooperation and teamwork when their arguing ends up running all the racers off the road. 

"Happy Thanksgiving Helpers!" are prepared for a big traditional feast. Daisy panics when her grandmother trusts her with making the Double Berry Cranberry Sauce and she can't find any of the ingredients and is upset when no one can bring their traditional dishes. In the end, she learns it's not about what we eat, but who we eat with that matters.

Switched to Buzzr as I cleaned up the dishes. For some reason, they weren't able to get streaming rights for the 90's Newlywed Game. I prefer Family Feud, which they had on it's place, anyway. Richard Dawson really will flirt with anyone, including an especially precocious 10-year-old girl with some terrific answers. I loved it when she answered "Hopalong" to a question about famous Cassidys, then admitted she didn't know who he was. 

Called Rose after breakfast to see how things were going with the bike. Yes, she has the bike, but she wishes I'd be better about finding ways to get things myself. She doesn't always have the time to do things for me. And she's not happy I haven't pushed harder to find jobs. In fact, she's downright upset that I haven't. I told her I'd look again after I got an apartment and that is first priority. 

The trouble is, I've put off job-hunting before. I've come up with ideas that never came to fruition, or have done research on ideas, only to shunt them to the back burner or let them fade away when I don't have the experience or the skills or the transportation for them. I keep saying I want to get out, then for one reason or another, don't do it. I hate where I am, but I'm just plain scared to get out.

I guess I complained to Rose one too many times, because she got really upset. She accused me of lying to and manipulating her and said that she didn't believe in me because I don't believe in myself. If I made her feel that way, I didn't mean to, honest! I had no idea she felt that way. I understand she's having a hard time, too, and I shouldn't put so much pressure on her to do things for me. 

Tried to storm out, but there was a knock on the door. It was Rose, there for the nut for the back bike wheel. I gave it to her, then returned to the computer. Applied to the Oaklyn Gardens apartment complex next to the WaWa. I don't want to live next to WaWa, but I don't have a choice in the matter. I have to get out of here. 

I had to get out after I finished the application. Didn't see the bike in the garage, so I grabbed a bag of books to donate and took them to the Oaklyn Library. The librarians there have always been sweet to me and never mind lending an ear. She said I was being too hard on myself, and that I would find something soon. She also suggested checking rental assistance. (I did later. The application period is long done. The last one they had listed was last spring; the most recent was only for those displaced by virus-related unemployment.)

Jessa called while I was on my way to the library. Other than she's crazy-busy with work at Amazon and still not overly happy with Jodie or Rose, she's fine. She claims the tumor isn't that big, and she was going to see a doctor about it later in the afternoon. She also says she's getting along fine with Joe. 

Went for a walk after leaving the library. Rose lives just two blocks from there. I strolled around the neighborhood, trying to drum up enough courage to apologize. I walked and walked and tried to think of the right words to say to make everything better. I just couldn't do it. Everything I came up with sounded so trite and wrong. I didn't want to say something offensive and make things worse. I even went up to her front steps, but couldn't bring myself to knock on the door. 

Ended up at Common Grounds Coffee House instead. Tried the "Landis London Fog" and a huge, soft cinnamon roll. The "London Fog" was tea with steamed milk and honey, and it wasn't bad. Tasted a bit of coffee; some may have gotten mixed up when they made it. The cinnamon roll was incredible, thick, rich, and full of buttery goodness.

Shortly after I got home, Jodie came in. First of all, hers and Dad's old friends from West Cape May Brian and Diane were passing through here on their way to the Philadelphia Airport to leave for Miami tomorrow. She wanted to take us all out to dinner at Mulligan's at 6. 

Second...she sold the house. I have to be out by December 22nd. I begged her to convince the buyers to put it off until after the holidays. Apparently, they need it for taxes or a tax write-off or something tax-related and don't want boarders. So, no holidays for me this year. No tree of my own, no cookies, no decorations. You don't know how disappointed I am. Christmas is usually my favorite time of the year, and I can't even enjoy it on my own. Rose will have a tree when I cat-sit, but it won't be mine. 

Made a citrus smoothie for lunch while watching the 1944 musical Shine On, Harvest Moon to cheer myself up after she left. I go further into this biography of early 20th century vaudeville star Nora Bayes at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Switched to writing around 4:30. Jack the Red Knight stops Brett, only to let her go. He's fighting whatever it is the Red King did to him and can't bring himself to hurt her. Richard fights him, but it's brief, and he sends them off to the mirror instead. 

Jodie popped her head in around quarter after 5:30. Brian and Diane were already there and wanted to go out to dinner early, so they could get an early start to bed. I quickly threw on my boots and coat and joined them in the kitchen. I'm afraid I got emotional again when I explained everything that happened with Rose. Jodie's still not too happy with her, especially with her not helping me more. 

Mulligan's parking lot was packed when we arrived. Jodie had to drive down the block to find a space. While the bar itself was busy, the dining room looked pretty normal for Tuesday at dinner time. I'm afraid I wasn't fun company. I mainly watched a soccer game while the other three talked. At least my pan-seared scallops on fresh arugula with tomato and balsamic vinaigrette was excellent. The other three mainly talked about Jodie looking for houses at the Shore. 

(And I'm glad I didn't go for sandwiches this time. The crab cake sandwich and cheesesteaks the others ordered were massive, way too big for me. I just wasn't that hungry. Jodie did offer me some of her fries, which I enjoyed, but I didn't take the rest of her cheesesteak.)

Talked to Diane while Jodie went to get the car. She said almost exactly what the librarian said earlier about not being hard on myself. She also reminded me that I'm going through a lot of upheaval in my life right now.

Put on Match Game '79 when I got home, then Match Game PM. Wish Alfie Wise was on the show more often. He was very funny the few times he did appear, like when they all had to figure out the Audience Match "__ Griffith." There was also some of the rowdier answers to what Betty White's host hubby Allen Ludden doesn't know is over. (The contestant said "Password," presumably meaning the then-brand-new Password Plus. "Bite your tongue!" said a shocked Betty.)

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