Monday, November 08, 2021

Just Too Much

Began the morning with a quick breakfast and the first half of To Tell the Truth. Orson Bean sticks around to figure out which of three men taught the public how pickpockets work. I said 3 and most of the others said 1, but Bill Cullen went with 2. Bill always was a brilliant panelist...and here, he was right. 

Headed out shortly after. The Uber driver took less than 7 minutes to arrive and was right on time. No traffic anywhere, either. I got in with a minute to spare.

Once again, work wasn't bad in the morning, when the carts weren't vanishing that fast and the trash wasn't overflowing. I was supposed to get more help at noon, but the elderly bagger never appeared. Didn't show up, didn't call, and no one could find her phone number. I once again had to do everything myself at the height of rush hour. I could barely keep up with the carts and sweeping and checking the bathrooms. Couldn't borrow anyone, either. A cashier called out, and they were short as well.

Had trouble with Uber, too. They were supposed to be there in 12 minutes, but it was more like 18 before they arrived. At least she was a nice lady and I got home fast after that.

E-mailed an apartment in Audubon that didn't have a phone number on when I got in...but by the time I did change and settle down, it was too late to call anyone. Went into writing instead. The Red King orders Jack the Red Knight and his men to bring him Brett and the boys and kill Richard and Lee the Cheshire Catwoman. The Catwoman vanishes, and Richard prepares to defend them...

Jodie came in as I worked. It would seem there's another person coming in to see the house tomorrow. We'll have to clear out by six. Great. That means I'll have to rush around when I get home and clean everything up, and I'll never get to apartment-hunting or writing. It is nice of her to want to go out, but I have so much to do! She's angry with Rose too for not calling or texting her in ages and for not helping me more. I tried to explain that she's busy, but she just blurted out "what about me? What about my feelings? Doesn't she care how I feel?"

Um, ok, but...what about ME? The one who's caught in the middle? The one who is out a home, with no aunt and uncle who has a large house she can shack up with. The one who actually has to leave her home to work? The one who's tired and stressed and frustrated and ready to take all that money and spend it on a train or a bus that'll take her as far as possible from here? 

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Watched Match Game '77 while I had leftovers and looked for muffin recipes. Richard Dawson's trouble with the judges continues when producer Bobby Sherman doesn't accept his answer of "toasted" for the contestant's "bun." He tells the audience to write the producer, care of that station...but his obvious anger will bubble over into the next episode...

By 7, I was so tired, I collapsed on the hall floor. I just...couldn't anymore. I couldn't move. My legs are so sore. My knees are killing me. Couldn't think. Couldn't do anything. Couldn't do. Mom says I shouldn't have gone away to see Lauren, but I would have gone crazy if I hadn't. I'm tired of all this. I'm going insane, and no one's listening. Everyone's so busy worrying about their troubles, they don't have time for mine. And no matter what Jodie says, it is my fault that I didn't start looking for an apartment in January, when she was originally supposed to put the house on the market, or in June. I shouldn't have waited. 

Heard Match Game PM in the living room and went out there to watch and finish the Banana Honey Muffins. The Audience Match got especially wild in this one. Somehow, the question "The Eyes of __" turned into Richard Paul, Brett Somers, and Charles Nelson Reilly singing about Texas while the contestant ended up in Jamie Lee Curtis' lap and Gene Rayburn showed off his red shoes. 

Switched to a far more subdued episode of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood while the muffins were in the oven. Dan wants to be "Line Leader Daniel" when Teacher Harriet assigns the class to different jobs. He's upset when he ends up being the one who hands out the lunches instead, but he comes to understand how important his job is when he forgets and the kids have no lunch. Dan and his mom learn about different "Neighborhood Jobs" when they run errands, including watching the library for X the Owl when he comes down with a cold.

Finished the night on Disney Plus with the 1961 Babes In Toyland. I went further into this fantasy favorite at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog in November 2018.

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