Thursday, November 18, 2021

No Home for Me

Began a beautiful, sunny morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. It's "Margaret's First Thank-You Day," and her big brother Daniel is excited that his beloved little sister will get to hang the first card on the Thank You Tree. He's upset after it becomes obvious that Margaret isn't well and needs to be sent home. He and his father stay at first, until they realize that what they're really thankful for is their family being together.

Headed out the moment the episode ended. While we weren't that busy, I still had a lot to do. They keep listing younger workers as baggers on the schedule, only to pull them for other departments. I once again spent the day trying to do everything myself. At least I was able to do the outside and inside trash and recycling this time. They also finally let two of the boys go long enough for them to help me gather carts during my last hour. At least it was a lovely day outside, sunny and unusually warm for November, in the lower 70's. 

Oh, and Rose called during my first break. I called her back when I had lunch. Yes, she apologized. Apparently, she had a bad day on Tuesday, too. She and I need to talk to some of the apartment buildings about taking my four to six month's rent. I really don't have a choice about it now. I have to go somewhere. 

Went home, changed, and put the laundry in the washer. I texted Jodie earlier and said I really needed clean work clothes. She said it was fine, and she wasn't around when I got home, anyway.

Mom called when I was at work. I meant to call her back but forgot. Heard from her just as I was about to check for more apartments. She and Rose are absolutely furious with Jodie for not pushing harder with the people who bought the house to let me stay at least until after the holidays. I tried to explain about the couple wanting the tax credit and not wanting boarders, but she said that shouldn't matter. I have a legal right to stay. 

She did have an interesting suggestion of looking into Glassboro and Vineland. I did look up apartments in Vineland online. It's near my friend Amanda, is a lively college area, and is somewhat cheaper than up here with many of the same amenities. Unfortunately, research reveals it has the same problem with a lack of public transportation as much of South Jersey. There just aren't that many busses that go beyond Atlantic City. And even if I don't end up there, other college towns here and in eastern Pennsylvania may be worth checking out, too. 

Oh, and yes, Rose and Craig are taking their kids up to Maine for Christmas week. On one hand, Mom's right that it will likely be a lot more fun for all of them than just getting a pile of presents no one needs. It's a really sweet idea. On the other hand...where does that leave me? I wish I could have a whole family of my own to be together with during the holidays, or at least a like-minded group of friends who felt like family. 

Confronted Jodie when I switched the laundry to the drier. She's adamant that the contract is legal and binding. These people are apparently a young movie producer and his wife who want to make over the apartment into an office, and are utterly and totally adamant that they do NOT want strangers in their home. No neighborhood kids in the pool, no next-door neighbors using the dock. I would love to know why a young movie producer and his wife with no children would want to live in a neighborhood that's largely families and middle-aged widows. Don't they belong in Fort Lee, or Queens, or Hollywood, or Vancouver, or wherever they're making movies nowadays?

Jodie doesn't care. All she cares about is selling the house. It's costing her a bundle, she says...and that, I believe. Apparently, it's eaten up most of the money Dad left her. She claimed this was the only offer she got after two months, and they - and she - can't wait anymore. She also claimed Dad wanted her to sell the house four months after he died, but I suspect Dad didn't realize just how much remodeling the house needed. She really was upset...and while I'm not furious with her, I'm not happy, either. Maybe she doesn't care about my feelings, but I do. I don't have a convenient aunt I can live with, and Rose's home is too small for me to be squeezing in with them (no matter what she thinks). 

Didn't have leftovers until past quarter of 7. Watched Match Game PM while having quick leftovers for dinner. With the 6 PM episodes having jumped ahead to '79, the PM shows jump back to '77. Came in as they finished the main rounds. Nipsey Russell, Joyce Bulifant, and soap star Rosemary Forsyth got to help the regulars figure out one of the stranger answers to the Audience Match "Alfred __."

Finished the night with April Showers at Watch TCM. I go further into this tale of a vaudeville family at the turn of the 20th century at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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