Sunday, November 07, 2021

Honoring the Games Soldiers Play

Slept in this morning. Didn't have Cranberry Pancakes and grapes for breakfast until around 11:30. Listened to Yankee Doodle Mickey while I ate. This album from 1980 gives us the Disney characters singing familiar patriotic songs, along with the Disneyland Glee Club's rousing performance of "The Liberty Tree" from Johnny Tremain. A very young Molly Ringwauld can be heard on "This Is My Country" and "God Bless America." My favorite number is the Armed Forces Medley, with Mickey singing for the Air Force and the Marines, Goofy for the Army, and Donald of course for the Navy.

Saw Jodie in her car pulling out the driveway as I left. She offered me a ride to Dollar General. Apparently, she and a friend were going to spend the day donating time at a local community food bank and would be gone all day.

Dollar General was a lot busier than they usually are when I'm there. I was mainly there for eggs. I'm down to my last one. Eggs are a bit cheaper at Dollar General than at the Acme. Sugar and cupcake papers are cheaper there, too. Badly need new underwear. Also grabbed a new brush and a Dr. Pepper Cream Soda for a treat. 

Had a nice stroll home. It was a bit cloudy and breezy, but nothing really out of the ordinary for the time of year. I was fine in my new blue hoodie sweatshirt and suede fur-lined clogs. Some of the trees are finally starting to turn colors here, falling to the ground in dazzling shades of rust, sunset orange, and lemon yellow. 

Put on the first disc of my America the Beautiful album when I got home. Reader's Digest put out this compilation of patriotic music to honor the restoration of The Statue of Liberty in 1986. Arthur Fielder and the Boston Pops plays most of the music on the first disc, including a rousing "American Patrol," the charming clip-clop "On the Trail," and a medley of George M. Cohan songs that have the audience singing along. We also get "This Land Is Your Land" by The New Freedom Singers and Kate Smith's famous rendition of "God Bless America." 

Been wanting to make the bed for a while. It gets too warm in here for all the blankets, so I settled for putting on the flannel sheets with my comforter. Gave the bathroom a good solid scrub and wipe-down after I finished that. The bathtub in particular really needed to be scrubbed, a bit surprising given I was gone for a week last month. Washed the windows, too.

Had a smoothie for lunch around 3. I'd switched to the other disc by that point. The main reason I listened to this album was for The National Honor Band and Orchestra's performances of the Armed Forces themes, including "Anchors Aweigh," "The Cassions Go Rolling Along," and "Into the Wild Blue Yonder." On the other side, The Robert Shaw Chorale sing patriotic hymns, including "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "Shenandoah." 

At 3:30, I settled on my bed to make a few lists. Mom suggested I should write down all of my positive attributes as a tenant. I don't smoke or drink. I don't party. In fact, I hate parties. I don't have a pet. I usually have two visitors a year who are as quiet as I am. I do one small laundry load a week. I work during the day. All I need is a place for my bike - no car to park. When I stay up late (and have people under me), I wear headphones and keep a water bottle by my desk to minimize movement. 

Went online at 4 to hunt down apartments and watch the Eagles-Chargers game. The Eagles looked a lot better tonight. The Chargers would get a touchdown, and then the Eagles would run right back and get another one. It literally came down to the Chargers scoring a field goal in the final seconds that won them the game 27-24.

Worked on writing after I got tired of apartment-hunting. Brett shrinks...just in time for The Red King to hear her insulting him. It doesn't help when a mischievous Cheshire Catwoman repeats what she said so the whole audience can hear and Jack the Red Knight decides he still wants her and her sons as his prisoners. King Allen realizes he's losing control when the The Red King declares he's taking over Wonderland.

Broke for a tasty dinner of turkey London Broil cooked in a mushroom-onion sauce, roasted broccoli, and spiral rainbow pasta at quarter of 7. Finished the game, then watched Whew! on Buzzr. I saw part of this episode earlier in the week. A gentleman from Philadelphia takes out a teacher, who could easily block him, but couldn't figure out a lot of the Wild West answers on the board. He had a far more difficult time with his two runs at the Gauntlet; the furthest he got was to the 6th "villain." 

Finished the night online after a shower with Buzzr's Veteran's Day Salute. The Armed Forces battle it out to see who would take home the most money for their military charities on these syndicated Family Feud episodes from 1991. The Marines won the last two years, but this time, they couldn't hold a candle to the Army. The Army smashed them in the final episode, including winning at least two Bonus Rounds. Ray Combs keeps the officers on track. 

(Oh, and it looks like they're bringing back their Black Friday Frenzy marathon again this year as well. With Let's Make a Deal off the schedule and Supermarket Sweep having been used several times in marathons in the past year, the marathon is entirely devoted to Sale of the Century this time. Considering it's been ages since we've seen new episodes of that, I'm looking forward to it.)

Match Game '90 did their own Armed Services Week around the same time. Their salute to the Marines coincided with their run of soap stars appearing on the show. The noisy Marines in the audience really appreciated lovely Karen Witter and sarcastic Brit Fiona Hutchinson from One Life to Live, cheering on every answer they gave and every move they made. We also got to meet Charles Nelson Reilly makeup lady when she touches him up on the air and see some of comedian Bruce Baum's wilder inventions. Ross Schafer does what he can to calm down his rowdy panelists and the love-besotted Marines. 

Here's the entire week, for your viewing pleasure this Veteran's Day!

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