Monday, November 15, 2021

Against the Wind

Got so caught up in the Dear Canada book To Stand On My Own, about a 12-year-old girl dealing with polio during an epidemic in 1937, it was past 11:30 before I finally got moving. The second half of Match Game-Hollywood Squares was on when I started. The episode featured a mini-MASH reunion, with McLean Stevenson and Larry Linville on the panel. Also saw Charles Nelson Reilly, hilarious older lady Nedra Voltz, and sweet dimpled Bonnie Urseth. 

Did the dishes as they went into Match Game '76. Nipsey Russell, Patti Deustch, and Dr. Joyce Brothers joined in for these episodes. In the first episode, we got a lovely view of Gene's back as he read Richard a question about what Dumb Donald wears in the bullring, and we hear a random door-slam off-camera. The second episode featured a pretty contestant with a lovely soft voice like Eartha Kitt who had such a terrible brain freeze over a question, Gene prompted her and prompted her and eventually sat down to do it. Poor girl eventually became one of the only contestants who got buzzed before she could give an answer. 

Went online for a while after that to fire off e-mails to apartment buildings and fire off a few more. The Village at Haddonfield only had two-bedroom apartments available, and Haddon Court had nothing. Applied to the apartment building at 200 Station Avenue in Audubon, looking up how much I make in a month at the Acme's employee website. 

Heard from the Peddler's Shop in Deptford. I know Rose finally took it there earlier in the day. Thankfully, it was nothing serious, just an ordinary tire puncture. Both Rose and the bike repair man mentioned there's been a lot more punctures and flat tires lately. Maybe it has something to do with a lot more people riding bikes during the pandemic. I forgot to put the nuts attaching the back wheel to the frame back on when I attempted to fix it. Rose couldn't come back for it. She and Craig were in Deptford. They'd put it on themselves when I got back.

Oh, and Rose told me she and her family will be visiting Craig's brother and his family in Maine for Christmas week. What?! I thought they would only be there for maybe a few days in early-mid December, not Christmas Day! I was looking forward to seeing them Christmas Day and maybe Christmas Eve, even if only for a few hours. Where does this leave me? I'll still cat-sit, but I'm otherwise not happy about this at all. Now I'm losing my home and my holidays. 

Headed out for a walk after I got off with Rose. One of the few apartments for rent in Audubon didn't have a phone number. I did e-mail them, but since I couldn't call them, I wanted to see the house myself. 

But first, I had a few errands to run. Anny's birthday was the day before Veteran's Day, and Keefe's is Thursday. Got Anny a WaWa gift card, so she can buy coffee whenever she feels the need. Didn't know what to get Keefe or what he has in Virginia, so I just sent him a Visa gift card from Family Dollar. Also bought my nephew Khai who twisted his knee a get-well-soon card. 

The day was cold, windy, and cloudy. I didn't care. I haven't taken a walk or run anywhere besides Dollar General and CVS by myself in ages. I needed to think and get away. At least it's starting to look a lot more like fall now. The trees are absolutely glorious, bursting into brilliant shades of scarlet, lime, gold, and sienna. I pushed against the wind as I made my way down Atlantic Avenue, over the train bridge hill and past Market Street, the back of the Legacy Diner, and Simply Soups. 

Willitts Avenue turned out to be a tiny side street just inches from the White Horse Pike. It didn't take me long to find the house with the apartments. It had "A" and "B" on the front and furniture piled on the curb. Didn't see anyone around to ask questions, but I did note that the stairs leading to the second floor apartment were extremely steep and long. It would take me forever to get up there, and would probably be kind of scary in bad weather. 

Walked as far as the WaWa on the White Horse Pike for a Sugar Cookie Smoothie. Unlike their pumpkin spice items, this did really taste like a vanilla butter milkshake. Very sweet, but very tasty. Grabbed a pretzel to tide over my growling tummy until I got home. 

Dodged a lot of kids cutting across the parking lot on their way home from school while I called Uber. I didn't feel like hiking anymore, and it was getting kind of late. The guy showed up in 7 minutes...but after I told him he was going the wrong way, instead of turning off and going down Atlantic Avenue, he took a sudden and fast U-turn on the White Horse Pike. Not only am I pretty sure it was illegal, but he's lucky no one was coming down the road. At least he was just going straight until we got down to West Clinton. 

Put on Press Your Luck while I got organized and had a quick chocolate banana smoothie for lunch. Whammies flew fast and furious today, especially in the second half. The champ had stiff competition from the other guy for a while. In the end, he finally emerged victorious and went into the Hall of Fame with a trip to Curacao, two Whammies, and the second-biggest haul ever on the show. 

Went into writing after dinner, but I couldn't focus. Marcia drags Bill down the hall after Betty. Orson carries Gary (Burghoff) the Doormouse, claiming they'll be able to help and they want to figure out how to get into Limbo and rescue Charles.

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had crispy pan-fried fish and steamed Brussels sprouts while watching Match Game '77. Everyone celebrated the show's 1,000th episode by helping the contestant with "__ Hips" on the Audience Match, a contestant showing off her incredibly long dark red nails, and Gene literally stopping the show. Richard also gives us a glimpse of things to come when Gene announces the panel for next week and he holds up a card that says "Never Finished School"...

(It's also a good indication of why Buzzr's ending the '77 episodes after tomorrow. I don't think they're quite ready to handle the School Riot yet.)

Let the PM run as I got organized, then switched to jazz as I hit the bath. Even that didn't really settle me down or make me feel better. Normally, I love baths, but...right now, I'm just depressed. Everything is going wrong. I'm losing my home, my holidays, and probably my independence, and I won't get to spend Christmas with most of the people I love. Even with money, apartment owners still don't want me because of my low paycheck and credit score. I don't want to be in South Jersey anymore, but I still have no idea who I am or where I want to be.  

Finished the night online with Star of India on Kanopy. Cornel Wilde is Pierre St. Laurent, a soldier in the 17th century who returns home to France and discovers a beautiful young widow named Katrina (Jean Wallace) living on his property. Turns out his lands were confiscated and sold by Narbonne (Herbert Lom), the greedy and calculating governor of the province. Katrina is really a spy, and she wants Pierre to help her steal back the beautiful sapphire "Star of India" that Narbonne stole from the Dutch government. Pierre befriends Narbonne's mistress (Yvonne Sanson), who informs him that Narbonne keeps the jewel on his sword. It'll take several duels and a flight onboard ship for Pierre to reclaim both this priceless jewel and the lady who wanted it.

Standard potboiler enlivened by a lovely Technicolor production and Lom and Sanson's performances as the mincing governor who's more ruthless than he seems and his intelligent and calculating lady. Wilde and Wallace are stiff as boards with some very dull dialogue and aren't nearly as much fun to watch. 

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