Saturday, November 27, 2021

Come to the Supermarket

Started off the morning with breakfast and the first Scooby Doo Christmas episode, the series finale of The New Scooby Doo Mysteries with Shaggy and Daphne, "A Nutcracker Scoob." Fred joins in as the crew prepares to put on a holiday pageant for an orphanage. Not only is a miser trying to shut the orphanage down, but the Ghost of Christmas Never is also determined to bring a premature end to the kids' Christmas. Mystery Inc tries to solve the mystery and figure out what the miser and the ghost are after.

Headed off to work shortly after the episode ended. I started out doing carts...but as it turned out, there was already someone doing them. They had plenty of bagging help today, with one guy there in the morning and a college girl coming in later. I spent the rest of the day alternating between shelving the carts of returns, cashiering, and shelving candy. 

JoAnne, the owner of the apartment who called me yesterday, called me in the morning. I got back to her during my first break. Her sister Carol can show me the apartment tomorrow at 11. Around 5, she finally remembered to send me the address. It's in the neighborhood behind Cuthbert Road, a few blocks down from Paul the Sixth Catholic High School. 

And it turns out that the Acme is able to spare me until the 18th. That makes sense. The middle of the month is usually when the store starts picking up again and people begin shopping for their holiday baking and big Christmas dinners. I won't be paid for next week, but I'll use my last vacation time for the week after that, and I have two random "float" days I actually forgot about. The "float" days have to be used by the end of the year anyway. 

Changed and went online when I got home. Richard reveals after he lands on the others that the Red King captured most of the animals of the jury or turned them into toys. They weren't playing the way he wanted them to. He has no idea what happened to King Allen and Queen Betty. Marcia encourages them to move along, before The Red King figures out where they went.

Heard from Mom, too. She went to my sister Anny's for Thanksgiving dinner, then spent the weekend doing projects at home. She's thrilled about my seeing the apartment tomorrow. She says it'll be perfect for me if I can get it. 

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. Had leftovers, then made cranberry sauce while watching the 1958 TV version of Aladdin. I go further into the last musical with songs by Cole Porter at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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