Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Everybody Dance Now

Started off the morning with a quick breakfast and Doc McStuffins. Chilly is so nervous about attending play school with Doc and the other toys, he keeps ducking out to the "Nurse's Office" to get out of tests. Hallie and Doc remind him that you can't keep faking sick just because you're nervous. The toys get "A Case of the Glitters" when they all have itchy heads after using Dress Up Daisy's explorer hat. Turns out Daisy and the hat had glitter spilled on them when Doc made a paper glitter dinosaur. Even after Doc gives them a clean bill of health, the other toys are afraid to play with Daisy, hurting her feelings.

Rushed out shortly after the episode ended. To my surprise, I cashiered today. Eight and a half-hour shifts usually mean a bagging day. Even more surprisingly, we weren't that busy. It was on-and-off steady and rarely overwhelming. Plenty of help, for once, may have been part of it. The weather may have contributed, too. It was cold and breezy but sunny and certainly nicer than yesterday. 

Made one last phone call during my first break, this time to Collings Avenue Apartments. I actually got a human being this time. The apartments in question are in the midst of being remodeled, but should be completed in two weeks. I need to call them back then.

Hurried home after work to look up more apartments and sneak some writing in. Orson the March Hare jumps through the mirror first with Gary (Burghoff) the Doormouse over his shoulder, followed by a reluctant Bill (Daily) the White Rabbit and Duchess Marcia (Wallace). The Cheshire Catwoman blinks through next. Brett pushes her boys through, but she's worried about Betty and Allen...

Made the mistake of checking my phone before dinner. Got a text from Oakland Gardens at 3:15...and they rejected me. "Insufficient income," apparently. I wish I could have figured out how to attach my bank statements to the application along with the pay stubs. I'm guessing "willing to pay a year's rent in advance" wasn't enough for them. 

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. Made a very tasty pasta with beans and winter vegetables while watching Match Game '79. Joyce Bulifant showed off her dancing skills doing a terrific jitterbug with a champion contestant towards the end of one of the best episodes of that year. 

It's a double-dose of funny Pattys on Match Game PM tonight. Patti Deustch in particular was on fire tonight for once, actually matching twice and throwing out a hilarious answer for what Adam and Eve wear for Christmas instead of a fig leaf. Patty Duke was more of a help in the Audience Match with "Caesar ___." 

Let Sale of the Century run as I cleaned up from dinner. It's their "End of the Summer Bash" week, with high schoolers competing for kid-oriented prizes and a trip to space camp. The three kids all played well; the girl in the Latin club bought the first Instant Bargain, but the one boy got the other and the Instant Cash and won the Speed Round. He didn't have as much luck with the Bonus Round, though.

Finished the night with Invitation to the Dance at TCM. I go further into Gene Kelly's unique Terpsichorean passion project at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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