Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Afternoon Delight

Started my late morning with a double-dose of Charlie & Lola as I ate breakfast. Lola insists "I am Not Sleepy and Will Not Go to Bed." She claims she has to feed baby tigers, get whales out of the bathtub, and have a dance party with foxes. Charlie eventually gets her to bed by telling her the animals are sleeping, too. "But That Is My Book!" Lola wails when her favorite picture book is taken out of the library. Charlie tries to find another book she'll love just as much.

After breakfast, I made the bed, then pulled out my luggage. Wanted to see if there's anything I'll need to buy before vacation. The wet wipes I keep for the train dried out, and I saw a half-full mouthwash bottle that will likely run out before the end of the week. Everything else I'll need, like food for the trip, I won't pick up until the day before I leave. 

Watched Match Game '75 while I worked. It started innocently enough, with Gene complimenting elegant Joan Collins on her 20's-style headwrap and blouse. Things went off the rails fast when Charles' answer for "Bi __" on the Audience Match was "Bisexual." Not only did the contestant choose it, but it turned out to be in the 250 spot. (Charles looked extremely satisfied.) Later on, Gene got so annoyed with the camera people for not going to break when they were supposed to, he literally climbed over the audience and attacked the camera!

Headed out to run errands shortly after that. Dodged electrical wire repairs on Cuthbert to hit Target first. Picked up the wet wipes and mouthwash, along with a large box of granola bars for the week. Thankfully, there were no lines this time. I was in and out.

Took the long way across Saddler's Woods going to King's Highway. This is the thick old-growth woods between the Westmont Plaza and Paul the VI High School and Crystal Lake Road. It's land that was purchased by a runaway slave in the mid-1800's who didn't want any of it cut down...and to this day, the people of Haddon Township continue to honor his wishes. The woods were lovely and peaceful, even with Crystal Lake Road just minutes away. Light filtered through lime-colored leaves, and everything smelled of earth and wildflowers and wet bark. I saw only one other person on my walk, a jogger who scared the heck out of me! I hadn't expected to see anyone.

I came out behind a row of what looked like 70's-era tract houses. The path continued between them and the woods, occasionally turning off into a narrow gorge. Finally found the end at an empty grassy field with only a weathered basketball net on it. 

Normally, King's Highway is really out of my way, but I wanted to check out Cacia's Bakery. I've been there before, but not in a long time. They're an Italian bakery that sells stromboli and square-cut pizza along with deli cheeses and meats, bread and cookies, Italian pastries, and take-out meals like lasagna. The pizza proved to be cheap as well as unique. I went with a slice of cheese, a slice of white broccoli, and a bottle of water, along with a butter cookie for then and chocolate chip for later. 

Cacia's is a bakery first and has no seating. I ended up at the wrought iron table outside the actual pizzeria on the other side of a series of older buildings housing art and music schools and framing businesses. The pizza was doughy but delicious, especially the white broccoli that had thicker crust. I loved the butter cookie with cream frosting. Moist and just sweet enough.

I realized as I rode back to Audubon that I left my bike helmet at Target. No problem. Went back there, waited while a clerk retrieved the helmet from the customer service desk, and went out. Took less than five minutes. 

Headed upstairs when I got in and straight into New Moon. I go further into the second MacDonald-Eddy colonial New Orleans swashbuckler (and the last of their joint movies I haven't reviewed yet) at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Worked on writing for a while after the movie ended. Brett and the others enter an explosion of light and pure noise. Almost everyone she met on her journey came to the tea party, including Queen Betty and King Allen and Red King Mark. Red King Mark, as you can guess, is not pleased he's been checkmated...and he still has a few tricks up his sleeve...

Broke for dinner at 7. Finished the night with Match Game '75 while I ate. Announcer Bern Bennett took over for these episodes while Johnny Olsen went on vacation. Bass-voiced comedian Joe Silver and warm Good Times matriarch Esther Rolle made their only appearances on the show this week as well. Gene quite happily smooched Esther in the second show! 

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