Thursday, September 29, 2022

I Love the Nightlife

Woke up slightly earlier so I could feed two kittens and an older cat for a friend. After I did that, I had breakfast while watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. "Daniel's Sleepover" with Prince Wednesday is fun...except for the spooky shadows and lumps in the bed they keep seeing. Queen Sarah and Daniel's parents encourage them to find out what's really scary. O the Owl is equally scared when he goes "Backyard Camping" with Daniel and Dan Sr. The Tigers encourage him to look beyond the surface to see what's really frightening him.

Headed out to work early, too. The Acme's having a buy one, get one sale on bakery muffins. I bought two containers for lunch this week. 

That was the most exciting thing that happened all day. We were off-and-on steady with people getting their beginning-of-the-month groceries. Some orders numbered into the $800's! I alternated between shelving candy and standing around, bored to death, because we were so dead. Thank heavens my relief came on-time.

Needed a few things after work. Bought granola bars (actually, Special K bars with cinnamon or strawberry filling) and sugar cookies from the bakery. Haagen Daas are buy one, get one this week. Thought I'd try Black and White Cookie and Cherry Vanilla. Grabbed bakery sugar cookies for a treat.

Went straight home after I finished shopping. Put on Let's Make a Deal while I made dinner. I remember seeing the first episode during that Deal marathon a month ago. A couple in military fatigues and paper crowns who were supposed to be crickets netted the Big Deal of the Day, a whole bedroom, in the first. The Big Deal on the second episode went to a young woman who got a gorgeous grand piano, a huge stereo, and a TV.

Had dessert and changed my sheets for slightly heavier autumn and spring ones while watching Match Game '77. Took a shower afterwards, then finished the night on YouTube with Diamond Horseshoe. I go further into this vehicle for Betty Grable and the legendary New York nightclub at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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