Friday, September 16, 2022

At War With the 4077th

Began the day with breakfast and Charlie and Lola in my bedroom. Lola is a picky eater who claims "I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato," or carrots, potatoes, cheese, fish sticks, or peas. Charlie finally gets her to eat most of it by claiming they're really magical. He thinks tomatoes will be harder...but Lola finally finds a type of tomato that is definitely something she likes! 

Worked on writing for the next hour. Brett faces down the Red King at the party when he keeps making the food come to life and run away. She's tired of him trying to control everything and points out that games are meant to be fun. He wants everyone to obey and behave and calm down. Brett leaps at him, hoping to get the scepter away...

Broke to change and head out at quarter after 12. I wanted to leave for work early to pick up a few things. I'll have enough time to hit the farm market tomorrow, so I mainly wanted muffins for lunch next week and cookies for this week. Needed peanut butter, too. Natural Jiff is finally back on the shelves.

Good news and bad news about my schedule next week. Good news - I'll be on vacation starting Thursday, and I took Wednesday as a regular day off to get things done. The bad news is I have an 8 1/2 hour day on Sunday and I'll be in a register the entire time. I am not looking forward to it at all.

I didn't enjoy being stuck in a register today, either. Everyone tells me to relax, but how can you relax with all those people there? How can you relax when you're the one who is supposed to be doing everything, and you're making a mess? I end up panicking and making mistakes because I'm just so worried about getting into trouble or upsetting the wrong person. The line is supposed to flow. 

Thank heavens, it died quickly after about 3 PM. I spent my last few hours standing around. In fact, I was able to sneak out a few minutes early and enjoy a warm, sunny ride home.

Went straight upstairs, changed, and had dinner while watching the end of Let's Make a Deal. A chef gave up appliances and a square dancer in a frilly red and white dress $500 for the Big Deal of the Day. The square dancer bowed to her corner and got a refrigerator and small appliances that were certainly a lot more than what she gave up! The Big Deal went to the Chef, who won a beautiful living room set and TV. 

Match Game '75 started as I brought up dessert. A very pregnant contestant made everyone a bit nervous during the Audience Match, especially Gene! Fannie Flagg said "Big Jim" in response to "__ Jim." The audience nearly booed her to death...making it all the more satisfying when it turned out to be in the $100 spot!

Finished the night on Hulu after a shower with a MASH marathon. Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the show's debut, which is why I began with the "Pilot" episode. Hawkeye and Trapper want to help their Korean cabby earn enough money to attend college in the US. Hawkeye hits on holding a costume party and a raffle for a weekend pass with the lovely nurse Lieutenant Dish (Karen Phillipp). Frank squelches this idea when he temporarily takes over for Henry Blake, but the guys bandage him and sedate him. Hot Lips finally catches them and tells her former lover General Hammond...but then a load of patients come in, and he gets to see what everyone can really do.

Father Mulcahy is played by a different actor in the pilot. By the time of "Life With Father" in the third season, he's the familiar kindly William Christopher. Mulcahey has to figure out how to perform a Jewish ceremony for a dead soldier. Meanwhile, Henry's worried that his wife may be cheating on him, and Hawkeye and Trapper do a puzzle in order to win a pony.

Moved on to Season 5 next for "Souvenirs." No one approves of the smarmy helicopter pilot selling used guns, cartridges, and other things soldiers throw away to the black market. Hawkeye and B.J really don't like that he's using Korean children to do his dirty work and find a way to end his business for good.

In the seventh season episode "Dear Comrade," Winchester hires what he thinks is a Korean houseboy to do chores for him. He's really a spy trying to find out the secret of the 4077th's continued success in medicine. What he learns is how to respect them - and himself - when he gives them a home-made itch cream that may smell bad, but does eliminate a particularly pesky rash from a group of soldiers. 

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