Monday, September 12, 2022

Late Summer Harts

Slept in a little bit more this time and didn't get to breakfast until past 11. Put on The Cat In the Hat Knows a Lot About That while I ate. Nick and Sally are having a hard time drumming up business for their pickle restaurant. The Cat shows them "A Sweet Deal" when he introduces them to Eddie the Honeyguide bird, who helps other animals find food. The kids want to swing on a rope over a puddle, but they can't figure out how to grip correctly. Charlie the Chimpanzee is "The King of Swing," and he shows the kids how he swings on vines across Leafylaloo Forest.

Didn't have enough time to write, so I settled on my bed and made a list of everything I needed to pack for vacation next week. I probably missed one or two things, but I think I got most of it. I'll pull out the luggage tomorrow and see if I need to replace anything. 

Headed off to work shortly after that. Though it remained cloudy and murderously humid, it wasn't raining. I took the bike with no trouble. They told me I'd be bagging today, since the head bagger wanted to be in a register. That would have been fine, if I'd just been sweeping floors and pushing carts. They kept pulling me from that to take registers. I wish they'd figure out what they want me to do. If I'm a cashier, they need to leave me in a register. If I'm a bagger, they need to leave me alone to sweep and push carts. I can't change from one to another on a dime. 

(Had a hard time sweeping, too. Thanks to the heavy humidity, half the coolers in the store leaked badly. I couldn't pass through one of the frozen food aisles and the one next to it for at least two hours, and another aisle further down still had a little water, even when I left.

Rushed straight home and into writing. Richard's sleepy and goofy, but he is happy to see his sons. Brett's more concerned about the tea party. So's Charles. They figure the Red King is up to something. They're just not sure what.

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7. Came in as Monty led a girl dressed as a marshmallow and a middle-aged woman who looked pretty darn good in a leotard through a pricing game on Let's Make a Deal.  The girl tried to win a chinchilla fur coat and missed the price. The lady more sensibly gave up on the fur and went with an alternate package...which she gave up for the Big Deal of the Day. She got very visibly upset when all she won for her trade-in was $400 from Monty's Piggy Bank. The tall and energetic gentleman next to her in a garbage bag and foil hat (he reminded me of Jimmie Walker) did a little bit better and ended up with a vacation to the Bahamas. 

Broadway legend Julie Harris and Star Trek captain William Shatner joined for one of the most memorable weeks of Match Game '75. The pregnant woman finally lost, thanks to a slightly gross question about why Optimistic Oliver isn't upset he cut off a finger. The next lady discovered that the audience really liked Richard's answer of "Goose Up" for "Goose __" on the Audience Match. Richard was less fond of an earnest young missionary who discussed family planning while not being married himself. 

Hit the shower, then finished the night online with Hart to Hart. For some reason, the Harts met a lot of villains who obsessed over having one or the other for their own. In "Harts on Campus," Jennifer discovers the former science geek at her prep school (Kip Niven) is now a gorgeous hunk. He never got over Jennifer, though, and will do anything to get her...including hypnotizing Johnathan into pushing Jennifer away. 

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