Saturday, September 03, 2022

September Songs

Began the morning with a very quick breakfast before dashing out to work. Dodged traffic on both Pikes; a lot of people were probably on their way to the Shore or local festivals. Barely got to work on time. 

Thankfully, though we were busy the entire day, I spent it pushing carts and gathering trash. Swept a few times, but a college-age girl took it one time, then a teen boy did the last two. Glad he came in the last hour or so to help with the carts, because we were swamped. The carts kept emptying so quickly, I'm not sure they could have spared me at a register today, even if they wanted to.

At least the weather remains decent. It's still sunny and breezy, but it's also much hotter, and far more humid. Heavy clouds gathered on the horizon later in the afternoon, but all they did was look cute and cool things off slightly.

Rode past fire trucks a block from me as I headed home. Considered checking it out, but pushing carts really tired me out. Went straight home instead. (Incidentally, I later discovered there was a fire in one of the apartments over a salon. No one got hurt, including firefighters, but two families and the salon need to find other places to stay and style hair.)

Wet straight upstairs after I got in. Changed, had a snack, and relaxed while watching If I Had My Way. I go further into this vehicle for Bing Crosby and child soprano Gloria Jean at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Worked on writing for a little while after the movie ended. Marcia takes them downstairs, to Brett's annoyance. She just wants to get her boys out and get to her tea party. Richard's more interested in creating another invention.

Broke for dinner at 7. Checked out Alice's Wonderland Bakery while I ate. This cute Disney Junior series is basically a cross between the Disney Alice In Wonderland and Muppet Babies. The great-granddaughter of the original Alice now bakes scrumptious and unique goodies in Wonderland. Her best friends are ever-worrying Fergie the White Rabbit, goofy Hattie, the Mad Hatter's grandson, and the Queen of Hearts' daughter Rosa, along with her cat Dinah. They learn lessons via the recipes in the sentient cookbook Cookie handed down to Alice by her grandmother.

Rosa has an "Unforgettable Birthday" when the "surprise" Alice creates for her birthday party proves to be a bit too much for her guests. The guys help her bake an unbirthday cake to make up for the mess. The Cheshire Cat claims he's having an outside party for all his friends, but it turns out he's really having a "Picnic for One" when he gets lonely and invades the picnic Alice and her friends are on.

Finished the night on YouTube with Lawrence Welk. Welk and his musical family celebrated Labor Day in 1969 and 1976 with songs about occupations and working. In '69, Art teacher Jo Anne Castle's students are more interested in painting their teacher's piano while she plays "The Painter's Rag" than a portrait of their teacher. Bobby Burgess and Cissy King played dance instructors both times. Their 1969 act got a little more creative, using "Dancing" from Hello Dolly to depict Cissy as a teacher showing Bobby how to move. Arthur Duncan also performed "Milkman Keep Those Bottles Quiet" in both episodes, first with a chorus of working men at Andrea Willis' diner in '69, then with a chorus of annoyed housewives in '76. Also in '76, Anacani sings of being "The Peanut Vendor."

Tossed in an episode labeled "September Songs," also from '76, for good measure. Truthfully, the episode doesn't feel especially fall-ish. It's a random mish-mash of everything from Arthur Duncan dancing and Larry Hooper singing about being "Cute," Ava Barber bemoaning "Lonesome Me," and Bobby and Cissy doing a mambo to the band performing "Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round the Old Oak Tree" and Welk's own "My Old North Dakota Home." (Although the girl singers' joke about them risking their careers performing their boss' bad material was pretty funny.)

Celebrate our working men and women and the end of summer with these tuneful Welk episodes!

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