Saturday, September 17, 2022

Busy Busy Harvest

Began the morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Daniel's excited for "The Neighborhood Fall Festival," especially the decorations! When strong autumn winds knock down the scarecrow and pumpkin piles in front of Music Man Stan's store, Katerina, Dan, and Miss Elainia figure out how to redo them to the best of their abilities. Dan's delighted to try the fall-themed games during "Field Day at School." He can't jump over the pile of leaves at first, and Prince Wednesday has a hard time getting a soccer ball between two pumpkins. Teacher Harriet encourages her students to do their best, not someone else's.  

Headed out after the show ended. Wanted to run a couple of errands today, starting with my first trip to the Collingswood Farm Market in over a month. They were packed when I arrived, and no wonder. Every table burst with juicy Technicolor produce. Berries and plums are gone, but there's a ton of everything else, including the first pears and grapes of the year. Bought small Gala apples for me to take to work, large Galas for a friend, a mini cantaloupe, and sweet black grapes.

While the sun's out and there's a nice breeze, it's also a lot hotter and more humid than it has been. I stopped in at 7-11 next-door to the Westmont Acme. I don't go there often enough. They're run by a nice Chinese family and are a lot less scuzzy than the one on the corner of West Clinton and the White Horse Pike in Oaklyn. Tried a VitaminWater Blueberry Hibiscus Slurpee. Oh, yum! So sweet and smooth, you'd never know it's calorie-free. 

Made my way down two blocks and over the hill to the Haddon Township Library. Mainly wanted to return the books I took out two weeks ago. I finished The Consequences of Fear yesterday. Thought of taking out another, but it'll just be one more thing to do before vacation. I'll make another big library trip after I get back.

Worked on writing for an hour when I got home. Brett argues with the Red King over playing "the game." The Red King worries he'll lose his kingdom if he doesn't have rules and regulations. Brett points out it's no fun playing if everything is constantly regulated. Games need some spontaneity. He finally manages to push her back, but she has two knights ready to fight for her...

Barely had enough time to change and have a quick lunch before I dashed out. I did end up going in for someone's break before I spent almost the entire remaining evening pushing carts...until the last hour, when I got stuck in a register again. I really don't like this back-and-forth. I can't change on a dime. I wish they'd either make me a bagger again or make me a cashier again, not both. I just can't multitask. I don't have that ability.

Rushed out the moment I could get away with it. Went straight home and into dinner and Match Game PM on Buzzr. This was the episode with the pretty lady who had the gorgeous long braids and the gregarious guy from Brooklyn who talked New York with Charles. It's also the episode with the question about what the football team held in front of them in the locker room...and Brett's answer was so ribald, I'm surprised she got away with it. 

Finished the night with Pinocchio. I go further into the new live-action/animated version of the beloved 1940 animated film at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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