Thursday, September 08, 2022

Let the Creek Run

Thank goodness this time, not only did I awaken to sunshine, but I also got up with plenty of time to go. Had my breakfast and left with just enough time to dodge road work on Nicholson, near the train bridge. As it turned out, I didn't even need to cross Nicholson. I found the Senior Center two blocks from the Acme and Audubon Crossings.

Audubon's original Acme held a catering hall and ballroom when I moved here in 2006. It didn't last for more than a year or two after I came. The Senior United Community Services moved in by at least 2010. They proved to be a lot bigger than I thought from the outside. The lobby had enough room for a tall metal sculpture of flowers with flowing water that provided a soothing backdrop for the warren of rooms and cubicles. 

I spent most of the next few hours at one of those cubicles. I typed up notes on client follow-up appointments from July, moving them from a spreadsheet to a website. Fairly easy work, and not all that far-removed from what I did in at the Stockton Library's media center when I worked there in college. Worked from 10 to 2, with a break at noon for a salad at the desk and to use the bathroom. 

(And yes, that was my last appointment with Abilities Solutions. Bob said Vanessa will call me back next month, after my vacation and they're finished with their evaluations. Bob did say I seemed to be suited to this type of work. I would much rather be doing data entry or editing. If I must be in retail, I'd prefer something quieter and closer to my interests, like Goodwill or Barnes & Noble.)

Went straight home across Audubon Park and Oaklyn to avoid the ongoing road work on Nicholson. The weather remained too nice to hang out at my apartment all day. While still a bit humid, the sun shown down and it got warmer than yesterday, though not nearly to the degree of last month. 

The weather was so lovely, I put my lunch bag upstairs, grabbed my purse, and went back out on foot. Stopped at A&A Soft Pretzels three blocks from me on the White Horse Pike for a snack. I wanted one pretzel and a bottle of water, but the guy ended up giving me the whole remaining rack of them (and the water). And they were still hot and fresh, too!

Strolled over to the back entrance of Newton Lake Park two blocks from the Oaklyn Post Office for a snack and just to clear my head. At least the flora is largely looking better, thanks to the recent rain. It really got dry there for a while. There's still a lot of dryness, but it does look a little greener than before. Gardens don't droop quite so much, and everything smells fresh and earthy. Surprisingly, given the decent weather, it wasn't busy in the back roads of the park, either. I saw two joggers the entire half-hour or so of my walk. 

When I got home, I went online briefly, then watched All-American Co-Ed. I very nearly fell asleep over it. Did some writing to wake me up after that. Jack the Red Knight and his men finally restore Brett's sons to her. She explains how she got out of Limbo while the others try to figure out what to do about Richard and the Red King...

Broke for dinner at quarter of 7, just in time for Monty Hall to lead a Playboy Bunny and an Oreo through a pricing game on Let's Make a Deal. The bunny bought two boxes and a door...and lost everything when the door turned out to be a Zonk. The Oreo turned out to be a smart cookie who kept her TV and watches. A clown traded in appliances for the Big Deal of the Day...and got more appliances, a refrigerator and hand-held vacuum that about equaled what she traded in. The really Big Deal of the Day went to a tennis player, whose mother won on the show years before and was delighted to share in her daughter picking up a car. 

Had dinner while watching Match Game '75. Richard spent the episode playing with the toe socks someone gave Gene. There's also copious jokes about a young man who just keeps smiling, even when the audience noisily boos his answer about what's floating in a bottle of bathtub gin. 

Finished the night online at Amazon Prime with another B-musical from 1941, Let's Go Collegiate. I go further into this and All-American Co-Ed at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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