Monday, September 19, 2022

The Eagles Plunder the Vikings

Began the morning with breakfast and Charlie & Lola. Charlie's looking forward to visiting his grandparents in the country. "I Love Going to Granny and Grandad's, And It's Just That" says Lola, who first is worried about what she can pack, then that she'll miss her parents too much. Charlie suggests she takes things along that reminds her of them. 

Worked on writing for the rest of the morning. Richard destroys the Red King's scepter, which truly ends his magic. White King Gene is now awake and restored to Helen, and everyone in Wonderland is back to...well, themselves. Brett's more worried about Jack when the Red King throws him against the wall...

Broke for lunch at noon. Watched Match Game '75 while I had lunch. Gene's more than happy to kiss Lana Wood of the James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever, but it must have affected his brain. Later on, he checks the contestants' score and can't seem to figure out 2 + 2! The panelists have an equally tough time figuring out "__ Dive" in the Audience Match.

Headed out to work shortly after the episode ended. I did have to help a grumpy woman take three huge packs of water to her car and empty the especially full and disgusting trash can by the bus stop on the Black Horse Pike, but I mostly spend the day pushing carts. We weren't even really that busy, and we actually had plenty of help for once. Clouds moved in around 4 PM and it showered lightly and briefly, but otherwise, the weather was sunny but humid and warm for this time of year, too nice for shopping.

Hurried home the second I could get out. Changed, then went straight into dinner and more Match Game '75. The end of the episode featured a very funny question about whom Richard Dawson married. Gossip queen Rona Barrett said Raquel Welch, but the other panelists all said Charles or Brett. Charles must have turned ten shades of red! This is hilarious if you know the show. Richard reportedly didn't get along with Brett well, likely because they were born and bred spotlight-hogs. He did get along with Charles...but Charles was gay, and Richard was very straight. 

I'm so glad I remembered ESPN Plus comes with Disney Plus/Hulu bundle. It allowed me to watch tonight's Eagles game against the Minnesota Vikings. The Eagles dominated the game from the first quarter. They only gave up one touch down, and though quarterback Jason Hurts did get sacked, he also made two touchdowns in the first two quarters. He literally had to slam through a pile of Vikings and barely touch over the goal line to make the second one! It was a terrific game, and the Eagles ultimately slaughtered the Vikings 24 to 7.

(And it wasn't even the worst loss of the night. The Bills absolutely murdered the Titans 41 to 7 in the earlier game, and that was despite one of their men being taken out with a nasty neck injury.) 

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