Friday, September 02, 2022

Sunshine Angels

Slept in a little more than planned and got a quicker start than I'd hoped. Just barely had the time to eat breakfast before I dashed out. At least I did remember my backpack to go grocery shopping later.

I wish they'd figure out what they want me to do. They pulled me to sweep and do carts...until a second bagger arrived. Then they kept putting me in a register to help with crowds. I hate having to change what I'm doing on a dime. At least I got out towards the end of the day, when things slowed down. The weather remains utterly stunning, dry, breezy, and mid-80's. I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people finished their summer season at the Shore after this afternoon.

Not thrilled with my schedule this week at all. On one hand, three days off in a row, two of them for my last days of Abilities Solutions job counseling. However, my first day off isn't until Wednesday. Not only am I working more than a week straight through, but two of those days are super-early. One of the two cashiers who regularly works early went on vacation this week. 

Had a few things I wanted to pick up before I went home. The date bars are tasty, but not only are they really expensive, I think I ate them a little too often. Decided to try a new brand of granola bars that have "granola bites" in bags instead. Grapes were on sale with a digital coupon, and I found two bags of Famous Amos Chocolate-Macadamia-Coconut cookies in a cart filled with clearance items. 

Went straight upstairs and into Let's Make a Deal when I got home. I arrived in time to see a very happy clown in a rainbow neon wig win over $9,000 and a car. An M&M proved to be a smart cookie when she won over 1,200 in a pricing game...but the guy who lost made out even better, winning a recliner and a Commodore 64. He did just as well in the Big Deal of the Day, trading the recliner in for a series of small and mid-sized kitchen appliances that cost about the same. Peter Pan and her Popeye dad got the really big Deal of the Day, a gorgeous red car. 

Went online after that to do some writing, Duchess Marcia explains that the tea party will distract the Red King while she takes Brett and the others upstairs to rescue the boys. Brett's not sure about this, especially since she knows how the Red King feels about her...

It was nearly 7:30 before I finally broke for dinner. Ate while watching Match Game '75. We started off with the panel coming up empty for "Sign __" on the Audience Match. They were just plain scared - especially Richard - when a young man from Texas with shoulders wider than a San Antonio prairie showed up as the next challenger.

Finished the night on The Roku Channel with Charlie's Angels. They're "Taxi Angels" when a woman asks them for help after her husband's nearly killed by a bomb in his cab. Their company has been plagued with a series of accidents and damage to their cabs. Kelly becomes a driver, Julie a dispatcher, and Kris a waitress at a drive-in where cabbies frequently pick up meals to figure out the truth. One of the cabbies claims an old man who has had war flashbacks is causing the trouble...but is he telling the truth? 

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