Wednesday, September 07, 2022

Trouble In the Rain

I was finishing Jolene in bed when my phone went off. Bob from Abilities Solutions said I'd be meeting him at 10:30 at the Senior Center. They had a meeting today. That was fine. Vanessa sent me an e-mail last week detailing the changes. I looked that up after I finished writing in my journal, then had a quick breakfast and headed out.

Went to the Collingswood Senior Center, ignoring the gloomy, cool day and off-and-on showers. Arrived ten minutes early...but Bob didn't show. He didn't show after ten minutes, or twenty. He called me at quarter of 11. He was at the Senior Center in Audubon, not the one in Collingswood. Why did I think it was the one in Collingswood? 

I know I'm not supposed to get emotional. Everyone's always fussing at me about it...but I couldn't help bursting into tears as I rode down Beechwood and over the White Horse Pike. I so badly wanted to make a good impression, and I totally ruined it for myself. I really feel horrible. I don't have the time to re-do today. I'll be going away in two weeks. I lost a day and evaluation time and looked childish and unprofessional. I'll never prove to everyone I can do a real job if I keep getting upset. 

It got worse when Bob texted me and told me we'd start again tomorrow. I told him it would be fine and I'd meet him in 20 minutes...only to ride over to the other side of Audubon and get completely lost in the increasing showers. I tried to explain how frustrated and embarrassed I felt and to apologize for my behavior, but he said it wasn't necessary. I think it was necessary. I caused trouble. Of course I had to apologize for it!

Rode home, traded my lunch for my purse, and went back out, ignoring the ongoing showers. I seriously needed to make myself feel better. Hadn't had lunch at the bagel shop in Westmont in years. They were surprisingly quiet for 12:30. Either the kids were in school, or the weather scared them off. Only one other lady used the Wi-Fi at a booth. I had a tasty breakfast burrito with eggs, turkey sausage, provolone cheese, and tomatoes. (Their new decor is more disappointing. The booths are the same, but the plain white walls now hold generic food artwork. The sports memorabilia is limited to one wall between the bathrooms, and the TV is gone.)

Stopped at Target next. I needed hair clips. Theirs were slightly cheaper than the ones at CVS. Grabbed two more binders and erasers on sale.

Why have I been buying binders? I want to move the solo DVDs from boxes to binders. It's easier to keep TV sets together in boxes, but the solo discs take up too much room. The boxes I bought two years ago take up quite a bit of room, too. And I know people are supposed to be getting rid of clutter, but there are a lot of movies I like that aren't on streaming or can't be streamed legally, and I don't want them all on my laptop. As with the books and music, I trust physical copies over just keeping everything online. 

Moved the CDs to binders for an hour, then made my bed and relaxed, Watched Goodbye, Mr. Chips as I worked. I go further into the lovely 1969 version of the story of a shy British teacher who marries a musical star at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

(Incidentally, I'm glad I got home when I did. The rain picked up by the time the movie finished. It would be off-and-on heavy for the rest of the afternoon.)

Worked on writing after the movie ended. Jack (Klugman) the Red Knight first insults Brett...but as Marcia reminds her, she's their queen now. She finally convinces him to go release their sons and take her to the tea party. 

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Watched Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood as I got organized. "Jodi Tries Ballet" for the first time and is frustrated when she can't do it as well as the other kids. Henrietta and her mother encourage her to keep trying until she gets it. Likewise, "Daniel Tries Something New With Grandpere" and is initially upset when he makes a mess, until he finally figures out how to do it. 

Watched Match Game '75 while I finally ate. For some reason, they skipped the next episode and went straight into a new panel. Dick Gautier, Melinda Fee, and Betty White were the semi-regulars here. Gene happily welcomed "new kid on the block" Melinda with a kiss. Meanwhile, Richard tries to figure out "__ Along" in the Head-to-Head, while Gene points out Miss Miller, a little old lady who went to all the shows at Television City, in the audience. 

Finished the night online with more Wheeler and Woosley currently on HBO Max. They're Wilbur Boswell (Wheeler) and Addington Ganzy (Woosley), insurance salesman who fall for runaway heiress Mary Marsh (Dorothy Lee) Hook, Line, and Sinker. They help her make a go of a dilapidated hotel she's inherited, and Wilbur even falls for her. Her mother Rebecca (Jobyna Howland) intends for Mary to wed her lawyer John Blackwell (Ralf Harolde). but then she falls for Addington. She's not the only one protesting them running the hotel. There's two sets of gangsters who want the contents of the hotel safe, one of which is actually run by Blackwell. The other is fronted by a phony duke (William B. Davidson) and duchess (Natalie Moorhead) who try to seduce the guys into giving up the combination to the safe.

This wound up being one of RKO's biggest hits of 1930. The simple but worn premise allows the duo ample room for their wiseguy gags, including Moorhead's attempts to seduce the combination numbers out of them. Fun if you're a fan of their brand of comedy. 

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