Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Ride Like the Wind

Started out today to the Albany-Renesslaur Train Station around 10:30. My train didn't leave until 12:10, but I wanted to pick up something for lunch. Lauren waited while I bought turkey and vegetables in an herb wrap. Said good-bye to her after I picked up my lunch. We always have a good time when we're together, and this week was no exception.

Everything went fine after that. The trains were both full, but I think they were both really for commuters. I didn't have a seat to myself either time. A businessman did work on his computer all the way to New York. The woman next to me going to Philly wanted to be next to her husband. Thick clouds still darkened the morning when I left Albany. By the time we chugged into New York five minutes early, the clouds were blowing away, replaced by sunshine, heavy wind, and bright blue autumn skies. 

Soon as the escalators rolled up to Moynihan Station, I hit the nearest bathrooms. Treated myself to a "pink drink" at Starbucks, freeze-dried strawberries with coconut milk and passion fruit. Sat at the counter in the dining area of the food court to sip my drink and enjoy a few snacks I brought with me. 

The train to Philadelphia arrived right on time. I considered taking the NJ Transit train, but the next train leaving for Atlantic City wasn't until 6, and it was only 5:30. Called Uber instead. The driver arrived within 10 minutes. He hit some traffic in downtown Philadelphia, but it all cleared once we got to the Ben Franklin Bridge. I got home within a half-hour. 

Threw on Let's Make a Deal after I fed kittens for a friend and as I put everything away and did a few chores. A lady dressed as Charlie Chaplin and her husband in scrubs traded away a vacation and got appliances. Ironically, they got more, and larger, appliances on the Big Deal of the Day. The lady in the next episode also got appliances after trading some in...but she also got a soft white fur jacket she absolutely loved (and looked quite nice in). 

Switched to Match Game '74 as I finished dinner, then finished out the night with Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo on Disney Plus. I just needed something silly to end my vacation. Jim Stephens (Dean Jones) and his mechanic Wheelie Applegate (Don Knotts) take Herbie to France for a cross-country race. Herbie falls for a beautiful blue Lancia Scorpion and keeps trying to impress her, but her owner, Diane Darcy (Julie Somnars), doesn't believe in living cars and thinks Jim's trying to keep her out of the race.

Meanwhile, two bumbling British jewel thieves (Bernard Fox and Roy Kinnear) stole a priceless diamond and stash it in Herbie's motor. Their superior wants them to get it back, by any means necessary, but either Herbie has too many people around, or they just get into a mess. Someone's giving them their orders, though, and it may be higher-up than Jim or anyone else suspects...

My sisters and I watched all of the Herbie movies a lot on the Disney Channel in the 80's and early 90's. None of them are masterpieces, but they're all good, goofy fun. This is one of two with Dean Jones as Herbie's charming owner. They get really creative with Herbie here. Check out his "date" with the Lancia Scorpion Giselle about midway through. 

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Linda said...

I like the original LOVE BUG best, and also HERBIE RIDES AGAIN, which has Ken Berry and Helen Hayes. I don't even remember the MONTE CARLO one, but I do remember the funny line from HERBIE GOES BANANAS. Herbie "goes for help" and finds two of the characters, played by Harvey Korman and Cloris Leachman. Leachman says "I think the car's trying to tell us something," and Korman says scornfully, "It's a car, lady, not Lassie." The joke being that Cloris Leachman originally played Timmy's mom on LASSIE.