Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Angels In the Wind

Got a quick start this morning. Finished out Our Only May Amelia, wrote in my journal, and barely had the time to grab breakfast before calling Uber. They arrived in 9 minutes, not bad for almost 9 in the morning. I got to work with five minutes to spare.

My other 8 1/2 hour work day wasn't crazy like Sunday. We were only busy during the noon and 3 PM rush hours. Other than that, we were pretty quiet. Like I said, there just isn't that much going on right now. Sunny weather and chilly winds may have scared some folks off, too. I did panic a few times when things didn't go right, and there were a few annoying customers. My last two customers spent more time blabbing on their phones than paying attention to bagging or sales signs. I had to take things off for one, and the other almost made me late leaving, since I had no relief.

Once again, no trouble getting Uber. It looked like they may have gotten caught in some traffic at one point, since the time fluctuated briefly, but they did arrive in about 6 minutes. No trouble getting home, either, not even down a busy White Horse Pike.

Went straight into changing and writing when I got home. Gene angrily admits that it's hard to get any kind of land. The railroad forces people off of it, when the governor isn't overtaxing people. Richard is disappointed - he wanted to build a home for himself and his sons. 

Broke for dinner at 7 PM. For some reason, they ran the very first syndicated episode at 7 PM. We get a lot of wig jokes from Charles, who refers not only to his own hair, but to Eva Gabor's as well. There's also a minor riot over whether "spurring" matches "kicks," and several gags over an expectant contestant who gets "I Think I'm __" in the Audience Match. 

Disappointingly, the second episode returned to the 1979 CBS episodes, mid-way through the week with comedian Foster Brooks and Lorna Patterson. We get an out-of-season performance of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" by Gene and the panel early-on. Later, they try to figure out "___ Explosion" and "Tee __" in the Audience Match.

Finished the night on The Roku Channel with Charlie's Angels in honor of International Women's Day. Kris figures "Winning Is for Losers" when a friend who is determined to win a golf tournament (Jamie Lee Curtis) asks for the ladies' help. Seems there's been a lot of accidents on the course, including someone who took a shot at her. Bosley tails her rival in the tournament, an older woman who has won three times and would do anything to win again (E.J Peaker). Sabrina and Kelly try to figure out what her manager (Gary Bisig) has to do with the sabotage, especially after he tries to get her to quit the tournament. 

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