Thursday, March 09, 2023

Finding My Way In the World

Started off the morning with breakfast and job hunting. Looked up large companies known for hiring people with disabilities online and made a list of them, then printed them out. Truth be told, a lot of them are tech companies that are more likely to be letting people go right now than hiring them. I might have more luck with cable companies like Comcast or utilities like American Water in Voorhees. 

Worked on writing for a bit around noon. Isobel and Helen explain the trouble at Match-Up. The Wild Rider Gang has done everything it can to drive people away, from disrupting work at the gold mines and stealing the town's gold and payrolls to stealing cattle and forcing ranchers to sell. Richard doesn't like what he hears...but he has a plan for getting under Goodson's skin...

Broke for lunch at quarter after 1. Watched Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood while I ate. "Daniel Feels Worried About Mom" when she hurts her arm and ends up in the hospital. The doctor and Dan Sr. assures him that the hospital will help her and she'll still be able to tuck him in and give him one-armed hugs. "Jodi Loses Benji," her beloved stuffed hedgehog, when he falls out of her backpack. She's worried when her mother goes to look for him, but doing crafts with the others makes her feel better.

Headed off to work after that. No trouble with Uber at all, maybe due to the sunny, upper 40's day. Both picked me up within 7 minutes. The one going to work missed the turn-off and had to do a u-turn on the Black Horse Pike, but I got there just in time. 

Work began and ended quietly, but it was a bit of a pain during rush hours. We're still severely short on help, with only two registers open from 3 PM onwards and often long lines. I'm still frustrated about not dealing with all of this better. I wish it was easier to control my emotions! It's hard to step back and breathe like everyone says to. How can you do that when things are going wrong, and you're worried and frustrated, and there's a long line? Thankfully, by the time I was done, it had calmed down again. I shut down barely on time when my relief was a little late.

Soon as I got home, I went straight into Match Game '74. Richard Deacon in his first week and Gunilla Hutton of Petticoat Junction join in for this one, as everyone tosses out their best bald jokes (and Deacon gets offended) to a question as to what Sherlock Holmes examines on Kojak's head. Deacon also gets his first chance at the Head-to-Head with "Safe __."

For some reason, Buzzr continues to go backwards with the Match Game '79 episodes. Foster's not the only one getting drunk jokes when everyone answers questions as to what a fish does that's like Dean Martin. Betty White is definitely more sober when she has to help a contestant with "__ Circuit" on the Head-to-Head. (Also Foster admits that, despite the gags, he didn't really drink.)

Finished the night online at Hulu with The United States Vs. Billie Holiday. I go further into this more recent movie on Holiday's life at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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