Monday, March 13, 2023

Rainy Day Swashbucklers

After staying up way too late last night, I badly needed to sleep in today. Barely got up in time for the second half of Match Game '75. Came in just as Clifton Davis and Rona Barrett helped the regular figure out "__ Indians" in the Audience Match. There were also the varying answers to what a guy who loves pain uses to floss his teeth.

Had breakfast and crocheted during Tattletales. Chatty Orson Bean and his sensible wife Carolyn joined game show host Wink Martindale and his darling new bride Sandy and Whitman Mayo of Sanford and Son and his very funny wife Gail. Orson and Carolyn just couldn't get anything going and lost in both episodes, although they did better in the second one. Wink and Sandy got the win to themselves in the first episode; they shared with Whitman and Gail in the second. (And interestingly, both couples stayed together. Gail and Whitman were apparently married until his death in 2001; Wink and Sandy remain together to this day.) 

Went online and spent the next few hours job hunting. I wish education didn't take so long. I really badly want out of the Acme. It's driving me crazy and is doing nothing for me. I don't belong there. I could get health insurance at most major companies. I need to find a place of my own, too, and I need that NOW. I can't stay where I am forever. If I take classes, they have to be online, for less than a year, and will allow me to get a job and not be in debt. 

I looked at Indeed, too. I wonder if there are any local magazines who need a writer, or if a local book publishing house needs some kind of an assistant. I've seen some ideas, but...I'm just not sure. There's been ideas, but I don't know if they're right, or if I'd really be able to handle them. I can't even handle the job I have. 

Broke for lunch at 3:30 and browsed eBay. Apparently, American Girl is continuing to rerelease their older dolls. I'm guessing those "35th Anniversary" versions of the original five dolls did so well two years ago, they're going to eventually put out more with their original meet outfits and collections. 

Sounds like the next doll to re-emerge will be Kit sometime next month. Unlike Molly, she was never really retired, but almost everything of hers but the doll and her accessories and books were eliminated in 2019 to focus on newer characters. I've considered buying Kit for years. I love her story and can at least somewhat relate to it, being a writer myself whose family has also endured hard times. I almost bought her in 2014, but went with the more unique modern #58 instead. 

I found a naked Kit on eBay for under 40 in good shape who would work nicely. I already have her original meet outfit and a smattering of her dresses for Molly. Molly has plenty of her own clothes; I'm sure she won't mind giving up Kit's. I also picked up Kit's current meet outfit (which I suspect will be retired when they put out the new doll) and a really cute polka dot "reporter" dress American Girl put out in 2015 that I doubt will be among the outfits in the rerelease. I think AG is trying to distance itself from that big revamp 9 years ago that maybe made a few too many changes for their persnickety fan base. 

(Incidentally, this is the last doll I have any interest in or intention of buying. Claudie is the only other one I have any even mild interest in. Pretty as the Pearl Harbor doll Nanea is, I already have Molly for World War II and Wildwood doll Whitney for beach stuff. I appreciate Addy and Kaya's stories, but their time periods don't do much for me. Likewise, I created my own 50's, 60's, 70's, and 90's dolls in Whitney, Barbara Jean, Ariel, and Jessa respectively and don't really need Maryellen, Melody, Julie, or the twins. And I like 80's character Courtney's stories and her nifty accessories a lot more than the doll, which looks too much like other dolls I have.)

Tried to focus on writing after I ate. Richard's so busy thinking, he almost misses Gene telling him they're going to question the bandit they caught before they go to the saloon the next day. Richard wonders if there's a way to be a sheriff in the background, under Goodson and Ira's noses. Gene doesn't think that way's been invented yet...

Broke for dinner, then took forever to figure out what to watch. I was going to watch Match Game '79, but they played the exact same episodes they did on Friday. Ended up finishing the night with Swashbuckler. This 1976 pirate flick was an attempt to resurrect the epic nautical action movies that were popular up through the 50's. Robert Shaw played Irish buccaneer Ned Lynch,  who opposes the evil rule of tyrannical Caribbean governor Lord Durant (Peter Boyle). He has the previous governor arrested and his daughter Jane (Genevieve Bujold) thrown out of their home. Jane hires Lynch and his men to kill Durant, but they're ambushed and end up losing men and Jane instead. Now they have to band together with the local rebellion leader Cudjo (Geoffrey Holder) to rescue everyone and eliminate Durant and his silent lute-playing killer (Mark Baker).

Wow, was this fun. Shaw and James Earl Jones are having the most fun as the head pirates; Bujold is feisty and tough and can even take on Shaw in a pinch. Great cinematography in Mexico and on a real replica galleon, too. Yeah, the story is convoluted and the script isn't the best, but if you love a good campy pirate adventure like I do, you'll want to swing on over and check this one out. 

Oh, and it's just as well I was off with no plans today. It rained and blew hard almost the entire day. It was showering lightly when I took the trash out early this afternoon, but picked up later and has been off and on ever since. 

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Tina said...

Please don't take this the wrong way, but you are not going to get a job in a publishing house. Publishing is among the most competitive industries on earth, and your writing hobby will not qualify you. Try to think more reasonably about what's possible.