Saturday, March 04, 2023

Windy Days

Got a quick start this morning with breakfast and Sheriff Callie's Wild West. "Hike to Wish Mountain" kicks off the first season finale. Peck leads Callie and the townsfolk up Wish Mountain to see the Wishing Star...but he won't admit it when he goes the wrong way. Callie's the one who finally gets them up the hill and reminds him that being a leader doesn't mean you don't admit mistakes. Callie announces a "Rhymin' Rodeo," where everyone in town will read their best poems around the campfire. Mr. Dillo is a good poet, but is too shy to speak in public. Peck's hardly shy but can't figure out the rhymes. Peck agrees to recite Mr. Dillo's poetry...until he freezes up at the rodeo, and Mr. Dillo has to help him out.

Did a little bit of writing after I ate. Betty finally tells Richard where Gene's house is. Richard asks her if anyone's tried to do something about the Wild Rider Gang. Betty admits Sheriff Michael Landon came close to figuring it out, but died before he could make his revelations public.

Put on Charlie & Lola while getting ready for work. Lola's so impressed by Charlie's tomato plant, she wants a seed of her own. "I Really Wonder What Plant I am Growing?" Lola asks after she's planted her seed. Charlie doesn't know, but he does teach her how to give her plant just enough water and sunlight, and how the growing cycle works.

No trouble getting Uber either way. It did take me eleven minutes for a driver to arrive going to work, but it was also noon at that point. The one coming home only took six minutes. I arrived with plenty of time to check out magazines before work. Maybe it's just as well that I took Uber. Though it was probably in the mid-upper 40's, actually normal for this time of the year, it was also gale-force windy. 

Work was still a pain in the rear. We were mostly busy again. The government cards continue to confound people. They expect it to pay for everything, then often don't have the money to cover what it doesn't. The government apparently didn't bother telling anyone what it covers at each store. All I did was make mistakes and make a mess and get frustrated. I wouldn't get so angry if I'd just do things right, instead of coming off as such a dope. If you've worked somewhere for fifteen years, you expect yourself to do better. 

Went straight home after work and into dinner. Finished the night with Once Upon a Time at Tubi. I go further into this unique animated fairy tale film from Germany at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.


Linda said...

Maybe I'm being incredibly naive about this thing, but evidently YOU (meaning you and the store as a whole) have a list of what this government card covers, right? I mean, since you can tell a customer this or that is not covered by the card, you must have a list, right? Why not print out a list of what the card covers (brands, types of food, etc) and have it posted at the front of the store and at each register? If I was using the card I'd appreciate knowing in advance what I could and couldn't use it on so I didn't waste time at the register, since I despise grocery shopping anyway. Plus it would stop embarrassing the customers when they show up with a cart full of food only to be told they can't buy this or that.

Emma Redmer said...

No, we don't have a list of what the card covers. We don't even have a list of what's on the WIC Cards for families with small children anymore. We have no idea. We ring up the card. That's it. They don't tell us anything. Apparently, it differs from store to store, too.